Shattered Planet PC Preview

What purpose does a bucket helm serve? I guess we will find out.

Following my thoughts about mobile games being the entry into the big leagues, and the reaction to it, I have had the absolute pleasure to speak with several small studios about the  mobile games coming to market.

Kitfox Games have granted me permission to test, preview and speak about my experiences with Shattered Planet on PC. It is a very earlier build, it essentially feels like the mobile APK ported to PC at this stage. I've spoken several times with Tanya X.Short, the Captain of Kitfox Games, she assures me that the final PC build will not be port. The PC version is being built along side the mobile counter-part since day one. Fantastic news.

Above is most recent play-through. Many Khaaaans and sighs are had, none of them due to Kitfox's brilliant game. When I feel I am close to my zenith, or even close to my furthest progression point, I find some new way to die.

Have you played Shattered Planet on iOS? It is out April 10th for Android and PC this summer.

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Published Apr. 7th 2014

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