Travel Frog's 12 Most Rare Picture Souvenirs

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There are around 120 total pictures your friendly neighborhood frog can bring back home in Travel Frog. A large portion of these pictures are not entirely unique, but there are a handful of totally unique pictures your frog can bring back that are just as rare as they are adorable.

The requirements for rare pictures on Travel Frog are a mystery. After having tested several different combinations of food, amulets, and tools over the past few weeks I haven't been able to pinpoint any exact way to get these pictures -- for the time being, you should just be happy you get them at all!

Are you ready to see the absolute cutest pictures your frog can bring back home? Well, you've already seen one! The above image is one of the twelve rare pictures we're about to get an eyeful of. How can you resist taking a peek at your frog's adventures?

Published Jan. 30th 2018

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