Street Fighter V's Season 2 Is Here with Akuma And So Much More

Street Fighter V's Season 2 update is pretty down right fierce. Here's a few notes on those additions.

Recently, Capcom has released their new update for Street Fighter V. The new Season 2 patch has been released to lay the foundation for 2017.

The most noticeable addition is that a new character, the antagonistic Akuma, is now available. His story and costumes are available via the Season 2 Character Pass. The Character pass will also grant players five brand new characters throughout 2017. This will also include their respective premium battle costumes and PS4 theme.

The update also includes updates to the current roster. New changes have been implemented to address fighters' respective weaknesses. A few noticeable examples include: Urien's previous difficulty with addressing aerial attacks, and Alex's lack of certain combos found in previous games.

Another key addition is the change to the rage quit system. Capcom has now included harsher penalties for players that disconnect from matches often. Some changes include:

  • Those whom exhibit the behavior will be more likely to be matched with other offenders.
  • Said quitters will lose league points and will be locked out of online matchmaking for certain amounts of time.
  • Players profile will reflect if they quit or exhibit fair play accordingly as well.

Fans of fighters, competitors, and long-time fans of Street Fighter V can find the Season 2 pass and update available for both PC and PlayStation 4 now.


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Published Dec. 21st 2016

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