MtG Kaldheim: 11 Best Cards for Standard

Skemfar Avenger

Here is another tribal highlight, but this time only for Elf decks. Since these types of decks always swarm the battlefield with multiple copies, Skemfar Avenger can generate a huge number of card draws.

Its cost is also unprecedented for such a unique effect at only 2 Mana. On top of that, it includes the Berserker creature type, which is another possibility for aggro decks in standard.

If you're deciding to play it in the Elves deck, then put it in the Golgari (green-black) list alongside new planeswalker Tyvar Kell. But if you want to try out the Berserker tribal, then go for Rakdos (red-black) list with Quakebringer.

Published Jan. 22nd 2021

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