dEXTRIS Review: Hard on the Eyes but Fun

dEXTRIS offers a challenging and fun time at the cost of your eyesight!
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Chaotic Box released their new app on the 8th of May and it’s been a hit in the app store so far. The goal for dEXTRIS is to get your boxes past these huge spikes that pass by at a fairly high-speed. 

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The game is clearly outlined and is easy to learn.

Once you start the game you get a quick rundown of how the controls work, which are simple and straightforward. You tap the left side of the screen to move both of your boxes left, the right side of the screen to move them right, and tap both sides of the screen to split your boxes apart. 

In order to get around these spike obstacles you have to think quick and decide. Tapping too late results in your boxes crashing and exploding into little bits.

The movement and pace work out rather nicely.

Getting past a certain level takes a fair amount of concentration and practice but it works. dEXTRIS is not so hard that you can’t make it through the levels but it’s challenging enough to keep you wanting to play more to get it right. 

The speed at which the spikes fly by is just right, I feel that if they went any faster it would be almost impossible to get by the obstacles. 


There is one major hinderance.

The colors of the screen are a little tiring on the eyes after just 20 minutes. I couldn’t play this game too long because of the brightness of the colors making it hard to see what I was doing in the level.

Just imagine staring at this image for more than 20 minutes…

If they toned down the hues just a tad then it would be much easier and enticing to play for longer periods of time. As it stands this game is just an app you will play for a couple of minutes and put it away. 

Overall dEXTRIS is not my favorite game out there but it has some very well made and thought out design. dEXTRIS is free to play and available now for iOS and Android.

dEXTRIS Review: Hard on the Eyes but Fun
dEXTRIS offers a challenging and fun time at the cost of your eyesight!

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