Flappy Bird: Just One More Flappin’ Try

Flappy Bird WILL be the cause of lost tempers and lost time.

Every frustrating and awesome app you have ever owned has culminated into the one little app that is Flappy Bird. You thought Angry Birds or Tiny Wings were your favorite apps featuring a feathered friend? Well think again! 

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A little bit about Flappy the Bird 

Flappy is your yellow and orange character you are to keep floating through a series of pipes that remind me of a stage on any number of the Mario Bros. games. That is it. That is the entire goal of the game–sounds simple enough, right?   

Wrong! Through the string of taps it takes to keep Flappy a flight, one must be extremely accurate to get him through the small opening between the two opposing pipes. The pipes raise up from the bottom and hang from the top creating just enough space for your bird to make it, but once you hit that extra tap Flappy falls to his death to the tone of a heart-startling smack down. 

Who is this game for?

The app doesn’t specify a certain age for players but this game is hard! I, being a grown adult, could barely get past pipe #4 and hung my head in shame. I would recommend players be at least 8 and up because of the difficulty level–smaller children either couldn’t play or would get upset easily. 


If you are a teenager or adult who wants to accept defeat at the hand of a pixellated bird, then this game is for you! Patience is a must when deciding on playing this game, otherwise you will end up with a cracked phone screen from flailing it across the room. 

This chart-topper app has flown into popularity!

People all over the internet are talking about Flappy Bird and with reason. Part of what makes a good video game, in my opinion, is its ability to bring people together and cause laughs and a little bit of competitiveness among friends. 

People have posted their screen shots of their high scores to boast to their friends and that makes Flappy Bird unique. The app has exploded into popularity creating many memes like the one pictured above. 

Only a few problems

After watching all the numerous YouTube videos of people playing for the first time. I noticed that a lot of people, confused on how to play, didn’t know you had to continually tap the screen the first few times and I think that is partly because of the title screen. If they would put just a line stating the directions of the game players would be able to figure out that they need to keep tapping instead of just tapping once–that happened a lot surprisingly!

The only other problem I have with this game is that the banner ads sometimes cause the screen to jump or stutter causing anyone finally past the 13th pipe to fail miserably. 

Overall this is a fun app to waste time on and be irritated for no real reason. Flappy Bird is available in the app store for iOS and available for Android today!

Flappy Bird: Just One More Flappin’ Try
Flappy Bird WILL be the cause of lost tempers and lost time.

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