Godzilla King of the Duds, I mean Monsters- Game Review

Is Godzilla still the king of the monsters?! Find out in this Godzilla The Game Review!
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Godzilla: The Game is a game soaked in nostalgia and brings us all back to a simpler time when monster movies reigned supreme. As the undisputed king of the monsters/kaiju, Godzilla is a fan favorite even though he is a gigantic a**hole and destroys cities for no reason. He might be many gamers and movie-goers favorite monster, but he is not their favorite video game character.

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King of the Monsters?

Godzilla has always had movies that many movie-goers have flocked in droves to see. It is only natural that a video game based on the giant lizard would be made. All of the other games were either terrible or disrespectful to fans of the lizard. This game seemed to be different but it wasn’t. 

Godzilla: The Game has every monster from every movie, Destroyah, Biollante, even the newest incarnation of Godzilla from last year’s hit movie. With all these monsters to battle and choose to battle with, this game still is a let down. The fluidity of the game isn’t up to par with next-gen systems, the environments are last gen at best and look like copies of the previous levels with barely any color change. Lazy work if you ask me. The movement of Godzilla when you are in control of him doesn’t make you feel powerful and dangerous, just slow and clumsy. 

Yes, this makes you feel like your controlling a giant monster and stays true to the Godzilla model, it does dishearten you as you would love to move faster during battles. One battle in particular is during King of the Kaiju Mode (where you battle through 6 stages and fight different kaiju with the next one being stronger than the last) while fighting Mothra in larva form.

Mothra is smaller and therefore faster than you and its a pain in the butt to have to waddle over to just land a hit on her. Yeah you can use your Atomic Blast but spamming that uses too much energy. The boss battles are not as satisfying as you would think. When fighting another kaiju, you have to hope you can move fast enough to land a slow hit on the enemy before they land on you to have a winning chance. That’s not how it should be.

In one of the game modes, you can unlock new moves for Godzilla to use such as his victory dance (from Invasion of the Astro monster) Fly using his Atomic Blast (from Godzilla vs. Hedorah) and more. With these new moves it can certainly feel like you’re in the movie world but still doesn’t make the game better.


It is fun to see the iconic king back in the silver screen to mess around with but if more work was put into this games controls, movement and etc, it would have been the game fitting of a king. Godzilla: The Game gets a 4/10. Maybe next time they will get it right before a kaiju war breaks out.

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Godzilla King of the Duds, I mean Monsters- Game Review
Is Godzilla still the king of the monsters?! Find out in this Godzilla The Game Review!

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