Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game Gets Two Thumbs Up

A deck building game worth your money.
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I noticed recently that GameSkinny is really lacking in good tabletop news and reviews. Tabletop gaming is a great aspect of gaming often forgotten on blogging sites. I am often reminded of this at Christmas when I see my brother.

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Siblings often force you to play with them. My brother, age 24, still does…every Christmas. This year was just the same, but instead of brushing him off I decided to give him a chance. I’m actually happy I did. This was how I was introduced to Legendary.

Legendary is a deck building game where you are given a scenario with a Marvel villain and henchman, and you must use the skills of various Marvel heroes to win. Each player (there has to be more than one) picks a hero to use in the game while the scenario and villains are picked at random.

Just picture your team of heroes: Wolverine, Thor and Gambit. Your villain is Loki and your henchmen are the Sentinels. Imagine that battle, yeah. A scene to make the Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy wet his pants (or complain a lot due to the inaccuracy of the Avengers and X-men working together).

Yes, you get to pick your team of superheroes.

You are not only working as a team, but whoever gains the most points, done through killing the henchman and main villain, wins. The concept is very fun to play, and everyone starts to get competitive. It gets to be tons of fun when the poor sports try to sabotage the game because they’re not winning (sarcasm).

Not gonna lie, it may take awhile to learn how to strategize in order to win. I was lucky enough to play with someone who has played the game before. Once you get to know the heroes, you can start learning the different abilities and which heroes go better together.

I honestly can’t think of that many negatives to Legendary. The game just takes some time. This game is fun for new and old Marvel fans and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game Gets Two Thumbs Up
A deck building game worth your money.

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