Resident Evil 7 Demo Review: An Eerie Experience

My eerie experience of Resident Evil 7 demo.

My eerie experience of Resident Evil 7 demo.

As I write this review, I feel the need to look over my shoulders a few times — expecting something to be standing behind me. Or worse, creeping up on me. And even when I went to the kitchen I had this lingering thought of being watched as I slowly made my way into the kitchen via my corridor, which seemed a longer walk than normal. This is how I felt immediately after playing the Resident Evil 7 demo.

In this preview of the upcoming survival horror game, you’re a new recruit who is part of a team that deals with paranormal activity. You’re sent to a house that has been abandoned for 3 years, and the family is missing. Lets go and check it out.

The stunning visuals and sinister atmosphere immediately grabbed my attention. It’s dingy, dirty and scary. The color schemes used are exactly what you would expect from a horror game. All the dark elements combimed created a sense of dread and insecurity — a definite plus for a game of this type.

The lighting of the demo was very well done. Clearly it is daytime outside; however, the windows are all boarded up. Small rays of sunshine struggle to enter the building, creating some of the most gorgeous lighting effects I have seen in a horror game. I can only imagine what the final game will look like.

Now having pretty visuals with a dark atmosphere is great, but it’s only part of the experience of a game. Luckily, the score here is also brilliantly done. There is eerie music constantly playing in the background, which certainly adds to the dreaded feel of loneliness as you explore. The random noises that can be heard as you traverse through the rooms makes you think twice whether you want to enter or sit it out.

Despite the positives, there are a few negatives that I felt need to be pointed out.

Firstly, character facial expressions feel plain. Simply put, i did not see any expressions on their faces, despite the difficult situation that they were in. I hope the character models are given more attention before the final release. 

I also felt that there were far too few interactive objects in the demo. I have not played any Resident Evil games before, but I felt in this day and age with the huge budgets and technological advances, that there would be more interactive objects for me as I lingered in each room looking for further clues.

Despite the few negative points, I felt the demo achieved exactly what it wanted — to make you feel insecure and hesitant to enter rooms. There was an overwhelming sense of desire to get out of that house and go about your normal colorful life. I was just hoping it would have been a longer experience, as it left me wanting more — which is a good sign for the full release. I can only imagine what the full game will be like, especially given the fact that it is VR compatible.

  • Visuals 
  • Sounds
  • Lighting
  • Too short
  • Character models
  • Few interactive items

For a videographic review, have a look at my video review for the game.

My eerie experience of Resident Evil 7 demo.

Resident Evil 7 Demo Review: An Eerie Experience

My eerie experience of Resident Evil 7 demo.

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