Review: Storm

Simple, refined and stunning - Storm is a challenging indie platformer that keeps on giving.
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Storm is a brand new indie game bought to us by publisher Neko Software, which combines elegant puzzle design with a breathtaking visual aesthetic, and the result is simply beautiful.

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The premise is simple: using the elements, you guide a seed to a patch of fertile earth, where it will grow into a beautiful tree. If you fondly remember the PS3 hit Flower, the odds are you’ll love this game before you even start playing. Like Flower, Storm likes to keep you guessing. The gameplay is simple, but refined, and there’s a steady learning curve as it slowly introduces new elements. Different types of seeds have different properties – for example, the Heavy Seed can’t float. Sometimes there’s more than one way to solve a puzzle, and the game encourages you to think outside the box.

One wrong move, and it's all over.

The audio in this game is as flawless as its visuals, with a soothing soundtrack and unobtrusive sound effects that promote an incredibly relaxing atmosphere – and you’ll need it.

While this game is an absolute pleasure to play, it has its moments of extreme frustration. Lightning is my personal nemesis, requiring precisely timed strikes that will send your seed flying in the completely wrong direction if you’re even a little out. Naturally this means that the more I failed, the less precise those strikes became. Storm is a wonderful, surprisingly emotive experience that’s fun to play for five minutes or five hours at a time. Cheap and cheerful, I heartily recommend having a look at this polished indie gem. 

Score: 8/10 – The slightly finicky controls are the only thing holding it back. 

Review: Storm
Simple, refined and stunning - Storm is a challenging indie platformer that keeps on giving.

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