SWTOR Game Update 2.6 Creates Unique Ways to Play

Ready to see what clever tricks Bioware has up their sleeves in the latest SWTOR update? Then, check out this review!

Bioware released game update 2.6 for their MMO, Star Wars The Old Republic, today. This update adds a new, tactical flashpoint called Kuat Drive Yards. It also adds a new ship class, Bomber, as well as new ships for the Galactic Starfighter expansion. Scoundrels and Operatives also get significantly buffed in their middle Damage tree. I’m going to go over the Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint first.

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Randomly Generated Flashpoint

  • Kuat Drive Yards is a very unique flashpoint. The flashpoint doesn’t require certain roles and almost any level range can complete it. The minimum level needed for this flashpoint is 15. However, the patch notes did not state that level 55 players could not queue with lower level players. I found out after logging in and trying to run a lower level character with my guild mates. The group finder says 15-54 when on a character lower than 55.
  • Kuat Drive Yards has five scenarios that players can get assigned. Players get assigned two of these as random. Each scenario has its own objectives and enemies as well. The starting missions and cut scenes are different for each faction.
  • There are five total bosses available. The Republic and Empire share one of the possible bosses. Each faction also has two bosses unique to them. This gives each faction a total of three randomly chosen bosses.

The first time I did the flashpoint, I got the Kuat Drive Yards starship assembly scenario. This is my favorite one so far. It involves gathering ship design plans to build a starfighter. After three different systems plans are found, you have to decide which type to use for each system. We ended up putting together a ship that didn’t work and had to fight enemies on our way to the next scenario.

There is also a new reputation for each faction. Imperial Forward Command and Republic First Fleet are the new reputations you can gain by doing Kuat Drive Yards. Completing the flashpoint missions and defeating bosses give reputation items. The rewards include: new legacy gear called KDY Shipwright, a paint job for the new bomber ship, a mining droid pet, and a KDY Orbital Lifter Mount. The mount, pet, and paint job all require KDY construction kits in addition to the required rep. Bosses drop these during the Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint. I have only seen one drop per flashpoint.

The new mount is certainly interesting.

Dropping Bombs on the enemy

The new Bomber class added to Galactic Starfighter, as well as the team deathmatch game type. The Bomber starfighter can deploy mines and drones to cripple the enemy. They can also deploy a hyperspace beacon to create a new spawn point.

There are three different Bombers. Players use fleet requisition for two, and one with cartel coins. The cheapest one can only deploy mines, while the other two can also use drones. The cheapest one is also the only one with the hyperspace beacon.

I detail the Bomber class in my Bomber class reveal article. I can say from experience that it is a fun class. Also, great for defending points if you have drones. I had a hard time getting to points because of the attack drones set up.

One of the Bomber ships for the Empire.

Blast or knife foes in the back

Scoundrels and Operatives get some nice damage increases. The middle skill tree has three damage increases from 1-2% each. They got a huge buff last year when the Rise of the Hutt Cartel released. Visit the official website for the full patch notes.

Maybe this is Bioware’s way of saying sorry about destroying their damage capabilities shortly after the game launched. They also received other bonuses in the skill tree, as well as their right skill tree.

A good start

This was a substantial update and I commend them on the new flashpoint. There were a couple disappointments though. I was looking forward to running the new flashpoint on my max level characters with lower level friends and vice versa. 

I also couldn’t wait to try the new Bomber class, but you need to unlock them with fleet requisition, which the hardest to get. This was clearly meant for people already into the Galactic Starfighter. Still, this is a good look at what the developers want to do for future content and we should expect even more this year.

SWTOR Game Update 2.6 Creates Unique Ways to Play
Ready to see what clever tricks Bioware has up their sleeves in the latest SWTOR update? Then, check out this review!

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