Table Top Game Review: Dark Potential Has Potential

A post apocalyptic miniature game that brings big action to the table top.
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Dark Potential is a miniature based game played on the table top. It is a relatively new game from the gentlemen over at  You can compare it to Warhammer 40K if you are familiar with this format of play.  The website will tell you what you need to start a war:

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  • The Dark Potential rulebook (Download it here).
  • Some Dark Potential miniatures (Find out where to buy them here).
  • A few six-sided dice (referred to as ‘d6s’).
  • A measuring tape that measures in inches.
  • A table to play on (your kitchen table will do!)
  • Something to represent terrain (books, bowls, and cups will do in a pinch).
  • An opponent to play against!

Now of course that list makes it sound a little easier than it actually is.

How difficult is it you ask?

Well playing the game is actually not too bad. Well, depending on your experience with miniature based gaming, that is. The rules are pretty straight forward. You have stats that represent your miniatures including things like movement, armor, weapon range, morale and command points to name a few.

Movement is achieved using the measuring tape and fighting (using a range of weapons) from rolling of a few dice (d6s). There are a few calculations involved however, so your basic math must be up to speed. The rule book does give you the option to print some templates to help with battles.

The attached video is a battle report (BatRep) that I took part in with my fellow Spectre, Spectre Wile. It was the second time playing for me and the third for Wile. We are still learning so you get a good look at the game and can hear us break down the rules quite a bit.

How big of a dent in my wallet is this going to make?

Good question with a “well that depends” answer. The rule book is free and there is no basic starter kit in general. There are starter sets for each faction that you can play. One box of seven miniatures will run you roughly $60. So if you want to buy enough yourself to get the war going you would set yourself back $120. Find a friend.

Now with that said, there is nothing saying you can’t use miniatures you may already own to fill in the ranks. Just make sure you know which model represents which stats so you don’t get confused during play.

So what’s the skinny on it?

Dark Potential is the first miniature based game I’ve played in a while. I do have experience with Warhammer 40K, so it isn’t completely foreign to me. With that said, I’m leaning towards liking the game. The basic starter boxes will allow you play around a 200 point game which is good for a about an hour of gameplay.  I enjoy the strategy that comes with miniature based table top games. Flanking, overrunning, and general ambush like techniques give you that chess like gameplay of trying to outwit your enemy.

The only negative I have to offer at this point is the shooting phase of action. There is no limit to how far each unit can shoot with the exception of: the farther your target is the bigger your negative modifiers (ok so if you are several feet away you can guarantee a miss). That means if you have limited terrain on your playing board you can potentially shoot clear across the board at your opponent (believe me, I had it happen in my first game).

If you like miniature based gaming or wargaming, give Dark Potential a shot. Check out the rules (remember they are free!) and maybe play a game or two and see if it is worth your investment. And if you visit the guys over at for more information, please also pay our Spectre Studios channel a visit as we have a few Dark Potential BatReps available with more to come (give us a subscribe)!

Table Top Game Review: Dark Potential Has Potential
A post apocalyptic miniature game that brings big action to the table top.

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