Toki Tori 2+ Game Review

Tiki Tori is not complex, but combinations of simple actions can lead to surprisingly fun gameplay.
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After saving a village using floating frog spit bubbles, or using your rump to scare crabs away so you can get over an obstacle, you’ll be hooked on this fun, whimsical platformer developed by indie developer Two Tribes. Don’t be lulled into false confidence by the pretty colors and cute creatures… the game’s puzzle gets difficult.

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Toki Tori 2+ recently hit Steam and is now up for a discount in the Summer Sale, so I decided a review was in order. Toki Tori 2+ is the successor to, you guessed it, Toki Tori. The game now supports Steam Workshop and you can create your own levels and share them with Steam users and your friends.

Toki Tori is not a game where you spend 1000 words discussing story development, gameplay and interface controls. It is a whimsical game with straight forward controls and a fun world to explore. If you like to solve puzzles, explore worlds, create your own levels and to play games that don’t even have a tutorial… then this is for you and I highly recommend it.

No Explanation for Those Missing Notes… Intriguing

The basic gameplay is a metroidvania platformer. Your character has 2, well 3, things it can do. It can whistle (and you’ll learn advanced whistles too), it can stomp, and it can move. However, the creatures around you in the world have other abilities. Crabs can move items, frogs can eat things and then belch out a bubble for you to fly in and the behaviors get more and more complex as the game requires them to complete certain actions.

This is Me Getting Bested by a Puzzle

The puzzles do get harder, but they are well tuned to be just difficult enough (in my opinion) to be interesting and not annoying. The solutions are usually concise and even “elegant,” but you may beat your head on other types of solutions for a bit. Though the game has no tutorial, it is pretty good about pacing the progress of puzzle difficulty, but you have to remember old techniques at times and build on them.

If you have kids, then this game is definitely worth their time, and yours, and at around $9.89 on Steam currently, it is a steal. So check it out!

Toki Tori 2+ Game Review
Tiki Tori is not complex, but combinations of simple actions can lead to surprisingly fun gameplay.

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