Transformers Devastation is the most epic Transformers game.

Transformers Devastation Review

Transformers Devastation is the most epic Transformers game.
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Ah, Transformers… A classic IP that has been famous since its release on September 17, 1984. We have seen various Transformers games, series, and even movies over the years. Many’s the time we have heard the phrase “Autobots, transform and roll out!”

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However, out of all the Transformers games that we have seen over the years, not one has satisfied my love or itch to play as a Transformer. I would always want to play as a Transformer when I saw the movies or one of the various TV shows. Yet, none of the games I played ever felt like an actual Transformers game. 

That is until Transformers Devastation!

I first read about Transformers Devastation in an issue of Gameinformer. It mentioned how the game is trying to stay true to the classic series. The developers even stylized the graphics to make the game look as retro as possible. This game, is the Transformers game to play. 

Story Mode

The game’s story is your classic Transformers story. Megatron wants to terraform and rule the Earth while the Autobots would prefer he didn’t.

I have to say it. I was incredibly impressed within the first ten seconds of story mode, because they really did hold true to the classic Transformers series. The best example of this is when you hear Optimus say the famous line, “There is more to this situation than meets the eye.”

The personality of the Transformers are spot on, too. For example, Megatron still treats Starscream like a lap dog.

The story is nostalgic and refreshing. It allowed me to see my favorite original Transformers come back to life!

My only complaint about the game’s story mode would be the lack of variety in levels. A lot of the levels made you run through the same maps multiple times. I’m only two chapters in and I have already run through the same map about ten times.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is nothing new in games developed by Platinum Games. However, the Challenge Mode in this game really lives up to its title.

Challenge one was easy; beat a few waves of enemies and you’re done. So, I went into Challenge two thinking I was already a boss at the game.

Five seconds later. I blinked. That’s all I did. One blink caused me to end up at the retry screen.

In the second challenge I faced Devastator’s five components as well as his combined form. I couldn’t even get past the first part! These guys were vicious; attacking and challenged my skill right off the bat.

Not only that, but the five little buggers were syncing their attacks! Two would set up traps right at the beginning, while the other three would barrage you with melee attacks. The battle kept you on your toes and drove your dodge button into dust. 

The one issue I have with Challenge Mode is the scoring system. My major issue is that the stronger my characters became, the lower my rank was in challenges. It’s because I got a lower combo count from killing enemies faster. It felt like I was being punished for not using weaker weapons. I would have thought that the amount of damage taken and time of completion would have more value than the combo count. 


Alright, now let’s get to the actual gameplay. The biggest issue I always had with previous Transformers games is that they were always a gun game with a Transformers skin. The previous games never took into mind the fact you can bloody Transform! I mean, that is the main thing about Transformers… They transform! Transformers Devastation definitely took that into account. 

The melee combat is epic and fluid. You can do a variety of combos depending on the weapon you use. It is always fun and definitely packed with action. 

However, my one complaint is that there was really no uniqueness to the melee weapons or combos. When you have five awesome Autobots to choose from, they should each have their own unique weapon class. Instead, they all use the same weapons with a few exceptions. 

This lack of variety is made worse by the fact that if two bots have the same melee weapon type equipped, they use the same combo. The only difference in melee combos between each of the bots is how their transformation hits come in to play.

That’s right. You can transform mid combo and ram into someone. There’s nothing more satisfying than turning your opponent into road kill. 


I just wanted to write about the epic battles in this game. The boss battles are as outrageous as expected for a Platinum game. The combiner battles are awesome and challenging. You’ll stay on the edge of your seat as the they test the limits of your skill. 


Transformers Devastation is the Transformers game to play. It is the only Transformer’s game that allows you the pleasure of punching Megatron in the face multiple times, like a boss. So, what are you waiting for? Transform and roll out!


Transformers Devastation Review
Transformers Devastation is the most epic Transformers game.

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