Word Quest: First impressions

Free to Play RPG Word Game?

Word Quest is a wonder and joy to play and is great for all ages. 

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Word Quest is a little indie title from the makers of the award-winning Quarrel.  Word Quest is a browser game that transports players to a far off land full of fantasy and wonder, but not all is what it seems. Pure evil (yes the main boss you’ll be fighting against is called pure evil…) has started kidnapping all manner of people and is stealing massive amounts of loot. You take it upon yourself to become a hero and save the world.

If only life was this simple.

In Word Quest, players will be using the power of words to slay their foes. In order to defeat an enemy, players must string together words that will then damage the enemy they’re in combat with. It’s quite simple really. You are able to stun and one shot enemy’s but I haven’t figured out how it is activated or if it’s random dice rolls under the hood that causes them.   

Not too shabby.

I really like how this games looks. It just feels and looks amazing, it has this style to it that at times can be quite charming and at others very under done. I have a feeling that children are going to find this art style very appealing, which makes it great for keeping the kids entertained.

Fun for the whole family.

I feel that I really need to get my point across on this subject, as a kid I had a real hard time reading and writing because of my dyslexia, (I was unable to read until I was at the age of 8) very quickly my mother realized the power of the video game medium when it came to education and started using it to try and teach me how to read and write. (along with how to speak because I had a very hard time speaking) I’m very passionate about video game education. I’m not saying that this game will help your child who may have dyslexia but I am saying that this game is a ton of fun and in the long run will help your younger children when it comes to words. It’s also great for introducing your kids to video games, it has small RPG elements and is easy enough for them to get the hang of.

No need to pirate this one guys!

A lot of you most likely read this article thinking “This game sounds pretty cool, it’s to bad that I won’t have the money to buy it”. Well if you did then your in luck, Word Quest is completely free! I’m not sure how they plan to make money off this game but it’s free so I’m not complaining. If you haven’t already you should give this game a go, after all it is free!

Final thoughts.

Word Quest is a wonderfully charming game with just enough appeal to make me want to pee myself (just a little). If your looking for a game to waste 30 minutes on or play while you wait for new game releases then Word Quest is the game for you!

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Word Quest: First impressions
Free to Play RPG Word Game?

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