Just Admit it, PlayStation Fans: You Want Titanfall

Let's put aside the petty console war nonsense for a minute, and just be real.

You know, fifteen years ago, I almost understood the petty, immature "console wars" that dominated forums and video game communities.

I had hoped that would start to die out as gamers grew up, as the industry as a whole matured. That really hasn't happened, unfortunately, so it's time to call out another group of hypocrites.

Disclaimer: I'm a lifelong PlayStation fan. I always have been and I expect I always will be. I don't own an Xbox One and I don't intend to. I do have the PlayStation 4 and I have my reasons for selecting one over the other. That does not change my thoughts on Titanfall and how some PlayStation faithful have reacted to it.

I thought we all wanted good games

I've only got enough time to play the best of the best. This philosophy is in effect for all forms of entertainment, which is why I try to watch the best movies, read the best books (there's a reason I tend to stick to the classics), and listen to the best music. I'm aware that "best" is a term with subjective elements, but it's important to remember that opinion and personal preference have no bearing on quality. For instance, there's no doubt that Titanfall is a quality production.

Even if we don't like it, we should at least acknowledge that. I have difficulty understanding and becoming emotionally invested in opera; doesn't mean I can't appreciate the talent involved. I don't like certain genres; doesn't mean I won't praise a high-quality game that doesn't fall into my wheelhouse.

And that's the point: If we truly want great games, wouldn't we all want something like Titanfall, regardless of whether it's our cup of tea?

The flip-flop is inevitable

Oh, it happens all the time. Take last generation, for example: Mass Effect wasn't initially available on the PS3. Heavily biased PlayStation fans immediately said they didn't care. They didn't want it for a variety of stupid reasons. However, the instant the sequel was confirmed for their favorite console, they either A. went quiet, or B. tried to recant their previous testimony. That's just sad when that happens.

I'm not a big fan of hypocrisy. I won't sit here cheering when Titanfall 2 gets announced for the PS4 (which I believe is inevitable). I may not be interested in the title - I never said I was interested in the original - but I certainly won't condemn its arrival on the PlayStation platform. It's just another good game to add to the library, whether I want it or not. What's wrong with that?

I suppose if you're going to be blindly biased, at the very least, be consistent.

Of course, it works both ways

I've come across Xbox aficionados who cast aspersions on Uncharted. This is equally idiotic because, love it or hate it, the Uncharted franchise is one of the very best in gaming history. That's not in dispute. Therefore, of course you want it on your platform of choice; it makes that platform better, whether you're interested or not.

I've often said that I'll play games on anything. I don't care what name is on the box that plays my games; I just want to play great games. It just so happens that over the years, the PlayStation brand has delivered far more experiences that I enjoy, and I personally believe the PlayStation library has always been far more diverse than the Xbox library. This is just the way it goes.

And I'll tell you this--if they ever made Lost Odyssey 2 for the Xbox One, I'd buy that console. ;)

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Published Mar. 20th 2014
  • Ryu Sheng
    I played the beta for an hour and hated it. I love the concept behind it, but everything else about it is junk. It's running on an old outdated engine (source), sure it's tweaked within an inch of life, but it's still an old engine. Secondly it's multiplayer only, which i don't really have a problem with, until they tacked on a a garbage bit of 'campaign' that you have to play to unlock the the rest of the Titans.

    If you want to make a multiplayer game with no singleplayer, drop all aspects of campaign and just have the fighting. TBH that's what makes games like CoD and BF so popular. Very few bother with the story, most get it for the online fighting. Thats where you want to focus.

    What's worse is that the dev.'s made a post saying they weren't doing DLC or season passes, then later on deleted that and made a new one announcing just that. And as if that wasn't bad enough, they admited they weren't planning to add any new titans, all dlc would be map packs, no doubt costing you an arm or a leg.

    So yeah, no thanks, not interested in TitanFail
  • molbun
    I'm actually not interested in Call of Duty with mechs. Sorry
  • Xavier's
    Featured Correspondent
    Wow, just goes to show how people are so petty when it comes to their exclusives.
  • RaginScotsman
    I own a ps4 and I own a PC and have been playing Titanfall since launch. Its by far the only killer app of the generation so far so of course I would like it to be released on ps4 so my non-PC friends can check it out.
    Does this mean I'd suggest anyone buy an xbox to play it, hell no. When titanfall 2 comes along and is released on both consoles I expect the ps4 to be (as always) superior.
    So short term it sucks that ps4 gamers cant play such a great game but in the long term they'll be playing the more refined and superior sequel on a superior console.
    And to any PC gamers I suggest checking it out, I've been bored of COD since MW2 but this is something else, I havent been so excited by an FPS since Tribes Ascend. This game actually makes use of the full environment instead of being a fancy version of doom.
  • Ryu Sheng
    No thanks, multiplayer only games just don't impress me. Esp[ecially not ones based on such an old engine
  • NorthwestGamer
    The issue here is that Titanfall was not even that well received. It was considered a good game but nothing like The Last of Us or Grand Theft Auto V. I have a PS4 and I do most of my gaming on PC, so I could easily get the better version of Titanfall on the PC, but I haven't. That's because there is no reason to rush out and buy it. Sure, I will get it when the price drops, but that's because its a decent game.
  • Blazin_5299
    I don't want this game at all but if I did I would just play it on my 360. I would not buy xbone for this.
  • raz_227
    Again the simple fact this game is available on PC too makes articles like this moot.
  • Delta Squad Reaper
    So much hostility. Please, learn that this is a community. Not everyone is going to agree, but getting offended isn't the way of going about it. If you have to comment on the article stating that you think this article or the game in question is stupid, then that is your opinion.

    Do not go around attacking the author for writing something. This is a place for gaming news and enjoying being able to share what you love with others. Not a place to see who can win the, "toughest keyboard warrior of the internet" award. Let's start playing nice.

    There should be a three strike conduct for comments that are hateful and downright unacceptable. You want the game, you want the game. If you don't, then you don't. There's no need to be hateful for any reason.

    I bought the game, do I like it? Yes, that's my opinion. Do I agree with a lot of people's comments? No, but I do not attack them for thinking differently. Humanity needs to learn to not be so hateful.
  • Shadowboricua
    Have PS4 and high-powered PC; played the Titanfall beta for 5 mins before realizing the game brought nothing new for me. Back to better games on PC.
  • maxcer
    for sure I wanted it on PS4. it's a great game(played the PC beta) but I'm not getting an additional $500 console for one game, a THIRD party game to boot. if I'm not interested in any of the MS first party IP's I wont be getting the console.

    that is the problem with doing what MS has done and moneyhat an exclusive. they ultimately have no control over the franchise. people start to look at the IP's they do own and make a decision on that. Halo, Forza, Fable, Gears, KillerInstinct.

    it really was a bad decision to spend $50m(speculation) on a third party game IMO. all that money could have funded multiple first party IPs/games.
  • mikey_4943
    another casual shooter with a low skill ceiling,that has most of the elements that made me despise the cods and killzones of the world,and all while having half the features of its competitors,no thanks...but hey congrats to the writer if you like the game,why don't you go play it and enjoy instead of trying to rub it in peoples faces on the internet,all while saying that those people are close minded immature fanboys....the state of gaming "journalism" :(
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Someone with your writing skill and comprehension problems really shouldn't be passing judgment on "the state of gaming journalism."
  • besamn
    Not everyone enjoys first person shooters..... how ignorant can you be?
  • Carmackian_9689
    I can explain to exactly why the console wars exist and likely will exist. It's because company's piss people off.

    Microsoft almost fucked over an entire library worth of gamers consumer rights, and had it not been for the opposition, this would have become the norm.

    This really pissed me off and caused me to sell my 360 and buy a PS3 and eventually PS4 and Vita.
  • Carmackian
    I tell you exactly why the console wars exist. Because companies anger people. This cycle it was Microsoft telling people what they want, rather than listening to what they were looking for.

    PS4 offers the alternative that was almost no longer acceptable.

    This really pissed me off, and caused me to sell my 360.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    It's the company's fault that people act like immature idiots?

    Yeah, I don't think so.
  • bal_4585
    Disclaimer: The disclaimer in this article is false. :)
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    No, it's not.
  • Eddi2010
    I am a Playstation fan and don't care about Titanfall. If I wanted the game I have a PC that would play it much better than on Xbox One. I have a lap top that would run the game better than Xbox One.
  • Carvega
    Double post
  • xilx
    Not really. I have a PC I could play it on if I really wanted to. I was interested until I heard more and more about it and checked out the beta, and it has nothing I want in a shooter these days. It's so barebones as far as features (no private matches, voting on maps, etc) and game modes go. Yes, 5 game modes, but many of them can be boiled down to death match variants to the point where it is severely lacking in anything but number of maps compared to other FPSs on the market. The shooting mechanics are solid, but it's so little content for the standard $60. It feels like it's a very highly polished (on a mechanics level) $60 demo for Titanfall 2, and that's simply something I'm not willing to support, no matter how well it plays.
  • Xrock_4503
    As a mature (age not attitude) gamer, I grew up with the Nintendo vs Sega nonsense but as you get older, you just want the best games. That being said, a multi-player only FPS doesn't appeal to me at all. It doesn't matter what system it's on, MAG would be an example of a Sony game I would also never play.
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