How are Kayne West and Weezer Connected?

A game shows you how people in the music industry are connected!

Ever wonder how two seemingly different artists are connected in the complex web of the music industry? This new game shows you how anyone is related to each other in the music industry. From Weezer to Bear Hands, this game has almost every connection that separates artists. The game, Six Degrees of Music Separation is created by the database Who Sampled which catalogs all information from songs, producers, covers and artists and shows how many degrees of separation artists are. 

The game is simple, type a name into each one of the boxes shown and click "Let's Go!" then the game will tell you how many degrees separate each artist and how they are both connected.

I have tried this game and even with my seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of music, have yet to stump the game, so believe me it is hard.

There is no information if Who Sampled is planning on expanding the game.


Published Jul. 20th 2016

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