Brigador Early Access impressions: it's Mechtacular

Old school style isometric real time mech action game. How you feel about that sentence is going to determine whether this game is for you or not.

After having a pretty large hiatus in writing articles, I found myself casually searching through the Early Access section in Steam... This is what led me to Brigador, and some people say Early Access is rubbish. Brigador is an isometric real-time vehicular action game published by Stellar Jockeys and was released this month.

Story and Setting

There's no story to it as of yet, but the world itself is plenty interesting: an industrial futuristic vibe is pervasive throughout the levels and really makes the mech and tanks feel all the more gritty to pilot. The art style might scare a few people off, but if you're a fan of the old-school isometric style you'll love Brigador.


The best way I can describe the movement controls in Brigador is a smoother version of tank controls, the player's aim is controlled by their mouse while WSAD controls the mech's movement, you have to turn the mech left and right manually while going forward to turn.

The control scheme certainly takes some getting used to and when things get hectic (and in the later levels they will) it can be a bit confusing to move tactically but all in all it's good fun. A type of vehicle in the game called the anti-grav controls somewhat differently with A & D being used to strafe while the mouse handles turning as well as aiming which offers some nice options for those who prefer that style of control.

There are three objectives that players can complete to finish any level in the game. You can destroy a certain number of orbital defence guns scattered around the map, destroy a certain number of captain units, or for the more sadistic destroy all enemy vehicles on the map.

After doing one or all of the objectives, the player must then escape to one of several exits on the map. It's good clean old school fun and it's comparisons to Syndicate Wars and MechWarrior are well earned.

Music and Sound

The soundtrack to Brigador was made by Makeup and Vanity Set The OST can be heard here. Very reminiscent of '80s sci-fi action whether you're into that or not it works very well with the game and it's setting. The sound effects for the game carry a lot of oomph and helps to sell that you're operating heavy machinery. The weapons feel big thanks to the sound in a very big, very loud, and very visceral way.

Brigador at Early Access launch offers six vehicles ranging from a mechs, tanks and the aforementioned anti-gravs, it currently has nine levels with more promised to come. It has a 19.99 USD price tag and in my opinion it's already worth the asking price, I'm very excited to see what get's added in later updates and you've been jonesing for a good mech game you should be too.


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Published Oct. 19th 2015

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