Bloodline Heroes of Lithas: Best Champions Tier List

Check out our tier list for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas to make the right choices in your party comp.

The global servers of Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas has nine clans of champions, where each clan includes both a male and a female leader. You can choose either or both of them for your team. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best champions in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas.

S-Tier Champions

Fulgur (Male)

  • Role: Mage

Generally, the mage clans are exceptionally powerful damage dealers, but the leader of the Fulgur clan tops them all.

He can buff himself, increase his own speed of movement, cast AoEs, and deal heavy burst damage to a single target. But that's not all: Fulgur can also summon reflective shields, as well as gain advantage over enemies with low health.

This means that he has both high offensive and defensive capabilities that can be of great benefit to all teams.

Lionstone (Female)

  • Role: Tank

Typically tanks are not the most sought out champions, but if you need one tank in your team, then there is no better choice than the lady of the Lionstone clan.

Her main skills include buffing her entire team and herself, increasing her own speed of movement, and of course, shielding herself like no other tank can.

On top of that, Lionstone can multiply her own fortitude and strength stats, which allow her to both accelerate and absorb increased amounts of damage.

A-Tier Champions

Ignis (Male/Female)

  • Role: Mage

Both Ignis champions are extremely powerful, though narrow in application. They are pure DPS.

You can use both of them in the same team and get some crazy synergy between their combined burst damage, AoE attacks, self buffs, and of course, crowd control for which this clan is so well known.

They both can multiply their strength stat, as well as ignite themselves adding to the fire damage.

Fulgur (Female)

  • Role: Mage

The lady of the clan Fulgur is not as powerful as her male counterpart, but she can still deliver lots of damage when needed.

She is specializing in mostly AoE attacks and crowd control, and she can also buff her entire team.

Just like the Ignis clan, lady Fulgur can multiply her strength and easily take over enemies with reduced HP.

Karg (Female)

  • Role: Warrior

Female Karg is an exceptional warrior with a whole lot of useful offensive skills, but her biggest advantage is the Reorganize ability.

It allows her to forcefully push an enemy out of its position on the battle arena, and place them somewhere that fits you the most.

As for the rest of her skills, she mostly carries various buffs that are typically applied only to herself.

B-Tier Champions

Luxuriant (Female)

  • Role: Mage

The male Luxuriant has an interesting Banish ability that allows him to stop a target enemy from attacking, but his female counterpart has something even more interesting: Charm.

Charm forces a target enemy to fight on your side for a short period of time, which can be very useful.

She is also very proficient in crowd control, but other than that she is outshone by the A-tier champions.

Tidestorm (Male)

  • Role: Archer

Archer clans will never play too big of a role in a game like Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, but if you need a ranged physical DPS than Tidestorm clan is the best of them all.

Some players prefer the female counterpart simply due to her Blind ability, but male Tidestorm actually has faster movement, and a few other traits that can be of a bigger benefit to this specific role of a champion.

Lume (Female)

  • Role: Support

Finally, if you are looking for a team healer and debuffer, then lady Lume will have the most positive effect on your team.

She can also multiply the strength and attack power of her allies, as well as provide a certain crowd control in decent measure.

Her best ability is Chrono Purge, which simultaneously removes debuffs from your team and heals your allies.

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Published Jul. 8th 2022

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