Bloodline Heroes of Lithas: Best Traits Tier List

Can't decide which traits to give your champions? Here is a tier list guide of the best traits in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas.

Every champion in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas has access to a number of traits that can significantly increase their effectiveness during battles once properly leveled up. This guide will list all the best traits in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas in a tier list fashion.

S-Tier Traits


  • Effect: Increases Lifesteal rate.

It is highly recommended to level up this trait as quickly as possible. The Lifesteal percentage will go up significantly, and you can practically self-heal at a certain point in game.

Every champion needs this trait without exception. Just be sure to attack with it, as that's when the Lifesteal effect triggers.


  • Effect: Chance to silence the target during attack.

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is a game where all champions are engaged in attacking in one way or another, so having a skill that allows you to remove all enemy abilities when doing so is simply incredible.

Just like Cutthroat, every champion needs this trait and needs to level it up as quickly as posssible.


  • Effect: Gains an additional shield.

There are several pure tank traits in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, but Tenacious is probably the best of them all.

The shield that automatically generates at the start of each turn can absorb 100% damage, which is the highest stat among all similar traits.

You can easily put it on such champions like Sallyhorn, Karg, Karguk, Ugrull, Doombringer, Lionstone, and Gryphon.

A-Tier Traits


  • Effect: Total Damage Reduction is increased.

This trait is highly valuable to any class, as it reduces any and all damage received by that character.

Obviously, classes that tend to receive more damage than the rest are DPS and tank classes, such as Sallyhorn, Karg, Karguk, Ugrull, Doombringer, Lionstone, and Gryphon.


  • Effect: Strength is increased.

Both Brutal and Athletic traits do the same thing, but Brutal increases strength by percentage, while Athletic does it by a base number.

This is pure DPS trait for both melee and ranged classes, as well as assassins.

Brutal/Athletic is recommended for Karg, Yivnian, Ugrull, Doombringer, Gryphon, and Lycanis.


  • Effect: Total Damage is increased.

Any character that is focused on hitting the enemy lines, whether we speak of the front or the back, will want this trait.

Fierce will be especially useful for ranged classes, such as archers, including Travain, Elzedith, Huntsdorf, and Tidestorm.


  • Effect: Restores Consitution.

In this case, the restoration effect of this trait is based on the speed of attack, which means that assassins will gain the most benefit from the Bestial trait.

You can apply it to Yivnian and Lycanis, who can quickly perform five attacks in a row, and thus quickly restore their consitution.

B-Tier Traits


  • Effect: Chance to remove all debuff effects.

The only class of champions that really benefits from this trait is the frontline DPS, as they are the ones who get most of the beating and debuffs.

Pure-Heart is mainly recommended for Karg, Ugrull, Doombringer, and Gryphon.


  • Effect: Constitution is increased.

Survivability can be an excellent strategy for certain teams full of tanks and warriors. These teams can do really well with both Energetic and Healthy traits that will make your team much harder to kill.

These traits will work well on Sallyhorn, Karg, Karguk, Ugrull, Doombringer, Lionstone, and Gryphon.


  • Effect: Fortitude is increased.

This pair of traits is mainly designed for tanks and frontliners. Of course you can give them to other classes as well, but tanks are the ones that will benefit the most from them.

Loyal/Scrappy is recommended for Sallyhorn, Karguk, and Lionstone.


  • Effect: Leadership is increased.

These two traits have absolutely no influence on the battle arena, but instead are used on a district level.

They can help you increase the production of the districts, meaning that your gold output will be slightly increased.

It is not recommended to put this trait on your main champion, but instead give it to someone who occupies the least important spot on your team.

Those are the best traits in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas. Also check out our guide to the best marriage combos in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas.


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Published Jul. 6th 2022

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