Live In Style With These 5 Incredible Minecraft House Tutorials (Part 2)

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Building in Minecraft is not only extremely fun but can keep you occupied for hours or even days on end. You will often find that once you start building you begin to add more and more to your once simple 6x6 stone building. This simple building will often end up as a monstrous mansion with more rooms then you'll ever need. 

Whether you are a master builder or simply not that great -- like myself -- you will always find something creative to build within the game. However, trying to build something that looks visually appealing at the end, is not everyone's forte. 

You will often find that building in Minecraft is a lot harder than you may think. People that create some of the amazing creations that you find on YouTube have spent countless hours that can range from days, weeks, months or even YEARS! 

But that's why I'm here, just like in Part One I'm going to help you create some incredible, visually appealing houses that can be created in just a few short videos. And yes, it really is going to be that simple!

Published Sep. 11th 2016

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