Live In Style With These 5 Incredible Minecraft House Tutorials (Part 2)

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Building in Minecraft is not only extremely fun but can keep you occupied for hours or even days on end. You will often find that once you start building you begin to add more and more to your once simple 6x6 stone building. This simple building will often end up as a monstrous mansion with more rooms then you'll ever need. 

Whether you are a master builder or simply not that great -- like myself -- you will always find something creative to build within the game. However, trying to build something that looks visually appealing at the end, is not everyone's forte. 

You will often find that building in Minecraft is a lot harder than you may think. People that create some of the amazing creations that you find on YouTube have spent countless hours that can range from days, weeks, months or even YEARS! 

But that's why I'm here, just like in Part One I'm going to help you create some incredible, visually appealing houses that can be created in just a few short videos. And yes, it really is going to be that simple!

Minecraft - How to Build : Suburban House - Part 1

Keralis is no stranger to this series as he has frequented this list of incredible house designs multiple times.

Keralis began his YouTube career in 2011 and has since accumulated more than 1.7 million subscribers to his channel. Keralis focus' mainly on Minecraft where he has created hundreds of tutorial videos that describe in detail how to build in Minecraft.

In this series, Keralis creates a Suburban style house that is complete with an interior and exterior. The house features a kitchen, multiple bedrooms, an antic, an en-suite, outdoor area, pool, garage and a garden that fits the house perfectly.

The Suburban house is created over the span of 3 videos that total approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Minecraft: Easy Modern House / Mansion Tutorial + DOWNLOAD - 1.8 [ How to make ]

WiederDude is our next featured Minecraft builder! WiederDude began creating Minecraft How To videos in early 2015 and has since then gained more than 180,000 subscribers! His channel is dedicated to creating Minecraft videos and in particular How To videos on building modern houses.

If you happen to be after a modern house design that is not only extremely easy to create but also visually appealing, then you have found the right house for you! The modern style house is three stories high and comes fully furnished. The house contains a very lengthy list of features that include: A kitchen, lounge room, multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, indoor gardens, outdoor sitting area, pool and so much more!

But the best thing about this design is that it is extremely easy to create!

The house is built over 2 videos which last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes in total. 

Minecraft- Let's Build a Neighborhood House Part 1: House #4 S1

Safety Boost is next on our list with a Neighborhood style house design. Safety Boost began his YouTube channel 4 years ago and has since accumulated more than 280,000 subscribers. His channel consists of Minecraft tutorials that are based around creating different styles of houses and buildings.

If you are after a simple house design that is not only easy, visually appealing and will work with all versions of Minecraft, then this video is for you! In this four part series, Safety Boost takes you through a detailed tutorial on how to create a Neighborhood style house. While the house isn't fully furnished, it does come with a complete layout that is ready for you to get creative with the interior. 

This house is perfect for those looking for something that is visually appealing, easy to create and has a great family style vibe to it.

Minecraft: How To Make an Italian Villa

Keralis has once again made the list but this time with an incredible Italian Villa that not only looks amazing but is easy to build. Throughout the 29 minute video, Keralis walks you through how to build this brilliantly styled Italian Villa.

Like many of Keralis' videos, he manages to hit the theme of each house perfectly, with there being no clear faults to his designs. And this video is no exception, the exterior design of this Villa is perfectly fitted to the Italian theme with its choices of materials, trees and vines being spot on. While the house doesn't come furnished, it does come with an exceptional exterior that is complete with an outdoor area and pool.

If you are after something to impress your friends or to simply build something that is quite unique, then this house is for you! 

Minecraft Lets Build: Colonial House - Part 1

If you are after a statement build that will impress all of your friends then look no further as this house is for you! This Colonial style house is a showstopper as it is full features and an exterior that is simply stunning.

While the house doesn't come furnished, it does in fact come with a complete layout that is ready for you to add your own creative touch. But don't worry, the exterior of the house completely makes up for the fact that the house doesn't have a completed interior. 

The exterior of the Colonial house comes complete with gardens that couldn't be any better suited to the design and also a pool and multiple ponds that add to the sheer amount of detail that is incorporated into this house.

The Colonial style house is created over 7 videos that last approximately 25 minutes each. While the tutorial series for this particular build is very lengthy, trust me when I say that it will be worth every bit of effort that you use to build this house.

Minecraft - Suburban House

This Suburban style house is absolutely amazing as it has so much detail that you simply would not have thought to add to a Minecraft house.While this video is not a tutorial, it is a the perfect way to gain inspiration to create your own amazing house designs.

The features of this house are far to long to list so here are just a few of the key features that are included within this Suburban style house: Lounge Room, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Laundry Room, Fireplace, Garage, Front Porch, Basketball Hoop and a Outdoor Fire Pit. What more could you want?

If you haven't checked out part one of the Live In Style With These 5 Incredible Minecraft House Tutorials head over there to check out some more incredible house designs.

Let us know in the comments section below which house design is your favorite!

Published Sep. 11th 2016

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