Expeditions is a Brand New Free Mode in The Division 2

Ubisoft just released Episode 1 for The Division 2 which is packed full of new content and a brand new game mode called Expeditions.

As part of Episode 1, which just released for free in Ubisoft's The Division 2, Expeditions is a brand new free game mode offering new content, areas to explore, and loot to earn.

Episode 1 D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions is the first part of the Year One content plan for The Division 2 and is currently available for all players.

In the trailer at the top of this article, Ubisoft News host Chris Watters details the new locale: Kenly College, an area overrun with vegetation and infested by dangerous bad guys packing heavy weaponry.

The flow of content appears to involve exploring the College and uncovering the bad guys' schemes while clearing out the building's various floors. There are three operations in total and a loot room that moves around the library with new items every day.

Expeditions mode will gradually expand over the next three weeks with new areas. Currently, those future areas are marked as "Offline" but will open up with each new week. 

If that wasn't enough new free content, Episode 1 also includes two new main missions, new weapons, new exotics, and new classified assignments. Additionally, all players will also get a dedicated "Care Package" full of gear to prep for the new missions between now and August 13. It will contain three pieces of equipment and is located in the mailbox stash.

The Division 2 still has two more free Episodes coming later this year as well to flesh out the rest of year one's updates. If all Episodes have this level of polish and content richness, it could be a very good sign for Ubisoft's future support.

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Published Jul. 30th 2019

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