Samurai Shodown Goes Next-Gen, Launches For Xbox Series X|S in March

SNK's 18th-century fighter gets a next-gen upgrade and launches alongside a new season pass.

Samurai Shodown made a welcome return in 2019. One of SNK's major fighting series, it was dormant for nearly a decade and even now, this new entry continues receiving regular support. As part of this, SNK have now confirmed a next-generation port for Xbox Series X|S, due to release on March 16.

Originally running at 60fps, the Series X edition of Samurai Shodown will go as high as 120fps, offering a smooth gameplay experience, according to SNK. Furthermore, existing Xbox One owners can upgrade to this enhanced edition for free, thanks to Microsoft's Smart Delivery service. At this time though, there's no sign of an equivalent PS5 version on the way.

There's an age-restricted trailer you can see over on YouTube

A physical edition of Samurai Shodown is planned for Europe and North America on Xbox Series X|S, which features all of the game's Season 1 content at no extra charge.

Adding to this announcement, SNK also confirmed that Season Pass 3 will launch sometime in February ahead of these next-gen editions, offering four new DLC characters. Last week, SNK revealed that two of those will be ChamCham and Hibiki Takane. 

We gave the Switch version of the reboot a strong recommendation back in early 2020, though we criticized some technical aspects such as long loading times. Considering the much higher hardware specifications for both Xbox variants, we're hopeful that these have been addressed, especially considering we had similar issues with the Xbox One version in 2019. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny as we hear anything further about Samurai Shodown.


Published Jan. 18th 2021

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