10 Best Islands & Creations in Dragon Quest Builders 2 So Far

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Tomikoji's eclectic island takes the most advantage of space to create massive areas full of variety and character.

The Teleportal spits you out near the dock area, which has been turned into a kind of tea party paradise. It's full of colorful waterside homes, each with their own expansive gardens and water features.

Granted, some of the water features are beautiful death traps that don't let you jump out, but that's where the beauty of not saving changes you make to someone else's island comes in.

Almost every building has a set of distinct rooms, from a pink-and-monster themed one, to normal ones, Slime rooms, and more.

All this is just a front for the Breath of the Wild-scale ruins behind the waterfront town. It's a huge jungle filled with ponds, dilapidated barracks, and a large temple-like structure, all encircled by a towering wall.

The Cerulean Steppe offers yet another example of chapel + cozy town, but it's hard not to stop and marvel at the huge cathedral dominating the skyline.

To cap it off, there's a large open area that hosts a variety of different material sets, presumably the ones used to create this very island. It's an engaging way to encourage others to experiment and see what they can come up with, too.

Published Jul. 22nd 2019

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