Doomtown Reloaded: Double Dealin' Spoilers, Part 3

The final cards from Double Dealin' have escaped into the wild.

A few stores have already received their copies of Double Dealin' and started selling them. The rest of the world might have to wait another week before they can open their cards, but thanks to the gang at Gomorra Gazzette, the rest of the pack has made its way to the internet. Here are the remaining cards from the set. Don't forget to check out Parts 1 & 2 for the rest of the Double Dealin' set.

Richard Slavin

Richard has the ability to search the undisturbed grounds of your out of town deeds. As a noon action, he can boot to make a pull. If he succeeds, you can search your discard or boot hill for a goods with the Mystical keyword. Right now, that list includes the Legendary Holster and the Doyle's Hoyle. This new pack will also bring along the Holy Wheel Gun and the Stone Idol to add to that list. Fortunately, Fourth Ring decks find themselves full of spells which should increase the chances of Richard pulling a red card.

One of the best parts of Richards text is that he can also search boot hill. If you're a fan of Ace in the Hole or Gomorra Parish, you could have a card or two that is simply aced for those effects and then Richard Slavin digs it out of your boot hill just to do it again. He also brings a 1 Stud to the Fourth Ring for zero upkeep. Right now, Mongwau the Mighty still comes across as a better deal, but with the right Mystical items, Richard could take his place.

Mario Crane

Mario makes the second Harrowed character to enter the game and any faction can use him. He favors legal hands so he will likely be a shoe-in for the Law Dogs. His ability makes him even harder to kill than just his Harrowed keyword. Unless you are completely battered in combat, he can't be a casualty. Since he is Harrowed, he could soak up to two casualties without even getting aced. If your opponent does manage to beat you by 3 or more ranks, it is likely that Mario will need to be used to soak up all the damage. Use cards such as Fetch,Force Field or Cheatin' Varmint to keep those hand ranks close and keep Crane fighting.


The game is built around forcing shootouts and winning. This deed will definitely force shootouts. When you don't control the Hustings, any dude you have sitting at home will get -1 influence unless they are booted. Players might become a little more interested in cards such as Too Much Attention or Paralysis Mark just to boot their own dudes and avoid the penalty.

Hustings hitting the table on first or second turn could be devastating to a player that needs time to build up first.


Every deck beyond Morgan Cattle Company has been looking for an easy way to improve their economy. Build and Loan will do just that for other players and probably improve the upon the quick Deed building that Morgan is capable of. The Loan service lets you play a deed for -2 Ghost Rock. This will easily become one of the best deeds in the game for any speed setup. Remember that it can't be combined with the Morgan Outfit ability for the same purchase, but two separate purchases could be discounted for Morgan players each turn.

Stone Idol

The Stone Idol is one of two Mystical items added in this set. Richard Slavin would be happy to unearth this treasure. At first the ability seems pretty plain, especially for a unique item. It has an ability that can be used in a shootout or as a noon action. You can give a dude a -3 to their value. This will make them more susceptible to Paralysis Mark, Soul Blasts and Shotguns. Combine it with the next spell, Corporeal Twist, to reduce their value even further. Even tough Soul Blast targets such as Lillian Morgan could be possible.

Corporeal Twist

Corporeal Twist makes another easy shootout hex. The possibility of hex decks using the middle number range is getting easier. If this hex succeeds, the target gets -1 bullets and -2 value. You could stack it with Blood Curse for -3 bullets in one shootout. The -2 value will help with the second part of the spell. If the targeted dude is aced or discarded later in the shootout, the huckster gains a control point. Soul Blast will make easy work of low value dudes. Combined with the Stone Idol, you can potentially reduce the target's grit by 6, 8 if you are able to use a Blood Curse on the same target.

The second part of the spell will easily combine with Sloane's mastery of non-deed control points or help the Fourth Ring earn those much needed control points.

...It's Who You Know

Lillian Morgan surely is using her influence to stir up trouble since she returned to Gomorra and this card exemplifies her tactics. It allows you to call out another dude, using influence instead of bullets to resolve the shootout. Unlike Bounty Hunter, the target can refuse the shootout under the normal rules so adding a Tin Star could be worth it.

All the other dudes in the shootout will keep their bullet type, stud or draw, while your chosen dude turns into a stud. This can make Lillian Morgan an incredible 5-stud shooter. Morgan Cattle Company benefits the most from this card as they have several reasonable high influence characters that might be missing out on starting posses due to their lack of bullets. The best part is that cards that give out bullet penalties won't affect your dudes, because they are using their influence!

Horse Wranglin'

The 6 of clubs slot gets another card that can be used nearly any time. You can search both your deck and discard pile for a Horse card. This card is a huge plus for any deck built around horses.

It will let you bring the right horse for the occasion quickly. You can also go grab a Mechanical Horse from your discard if you happened to fail to invent it the first time or if it was lost from a discarded or aced dude earlier. With a search card like this, you can discard a horse in a lowball hand and then grab it for Lane Healey or Jarrett Blake to use early on in the game.

So, there you have it. All the cards from Double Dealin' have made their way into the wild. Keep your eyes glued to my Doomtown strategy page to see the spoilers for Election Day Slaughter when they start rolling in!


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Published Feb. 1st 2018

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