My PS4 Has Been Nothing But a Big Paperweight Since I Bought It

Here's one big PlayStation fan who hasn't had much use for the new system since it launched.

Disclaimer: I'm a lifelong PlayStation aficionado. In my estimation, the original PlayStation and PS2 are quite possibly the two greatest consoles of all time (and I'll toss in the SNES).

I've bought every PlayStation on launch day and in retrospect, that really wasn't necessary with the PS3. I would've missed out on Resistance: Fall of Man, but that's about it. Now, despite the much better launch lineup of the PS4, I still find myself ignoring the new console, and I don't think I'm the only one.

The problem isn't that I don't like the brand, and it has nothing to do with impatience. It does, however, have everything to do with the fact that purchasing consoles on day one - despite the hype - never seems to make much sense to me.

And yet, I still do it. I think it's a disease.

If I'd waited a year, what would I really have missed?

I was disappointed with Killzone: Shadow Fall, even though it was a solid shooter and probably didn't deserve half the flak it received. And I will say I had fun with inFamous: Second Son, the only game I've really played to any extent on Sony's new machine. Now, I know what everyone is going to say: "There are third-party multiplatform titles, too." Yes, I'm aware. And I'm a big fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise, so Black Flag was a possibility (if I really didn't like all that naval stuff).

However, I'm of the mindset that PlayStation's bread-and-butter is its exclusive lineup. inFamous is a great example but in nine months, it's the only one I can mention. I know LittleBigPlanet 3 and Driveclub are on the way but they won't be out until the fall. Therefore, if I had waited to purchase the PS4 for a year, I only would've regretted missing Second Son. And I could've played catch-up easily enough, right?

A very long previous generation has created a very large backlog

My college days are well behind me. The days of having a ton of spare time have long since disappeared. The precious hours I have in any given week are valuable and unfortunately, I can't play every great game that comes down the pike. Therefore, I've got a hefty backlog with big blockbusters like Grand Theft Auto V staring me in the face, and those are far more appealing than what's currently available on the PS4.

Everyone I know has a long list of games they still want to play on the "old" consoles. I haven't even come across too many digital PS4 exclusives that I absolutely had to play, so 99 percent of my play time remains with the PS3. Think of it: In over seven years, the previous generation produced a lot of games and right now, we're not really seeing any definitive "next-gen" productions. Sure, we've got some remasters and upgraded versions of old games, but when a 2013 title - The Last Of Us - remains the best game of 2014...

That's what I get for being swept up in the PS4 hype of 2013. Reason and experience told me to wait, told me the PS4 would barely be touched after I bought it. Ah, but reason and experience often crumble under the weight of "new system" excitement. ;)

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Published Aug. 7th 2014
  • adam_3153
    its not the ps4 fault that you havent been using it and buying games or getting free ones of the store. also you are mostly blaming the games not the console so the same thing would be happening with any system
  • jonam_5721
    As of's just the remastered versions appealing to me even when the console period looks totally blank. I've a reason to keep my PS4.
  • CDB_1030
    Do what I did - buy a Wii U.

    Lots of AAA titles out for it, no need to wait.
  • cim_4922
    Not me, gets played every day. Last gen gets put on hold for me, not the other way around.
  • Mr Obvious
    Every new system has a certain amount of games drought before it all kicks off, it happened last gen and the gen before etc etc. The good news is that we've had some great games so far this gen with some awesome ones coming steadily over then next six to nine months. I'm still playing games on my PS3 as well as PS4 so it's all good.
  • Mir_8662
    I work 9 to 5 and when I get home there's usually stuff to take care of at home, which leaves little time for gaming. Given that I don't have loads of free time on my hand, I'm perfectly happy with my ps4. Same would be the case if I owned an X1. I'm actually afraid of what my gaming backlog will be like when the last quarter of the year comes around.
  • Nathan Drake
    Not a bad article, he is pointing to the lack of crash hot releases, but I got my PS4 in March and I am actually glad I got it. Since I have a lack of time for gaming having only a handful of PS4 games I'm interested in, means I can get plenty of time to play them well. Heaps of great games are coming end of year and next. If I am desperate for new games I can always go back to Skyrim on PS3!!( there is couple of other ps3 games I need to play to)
  • Azrael_5260
    So, you've played games on your console, but yet claim you haven't used your console since you bought it. I'm confused.
    I have to agree with you here a bit. I have an Xbox One and a PS4 and ive played just about every game both consoles have to offer and so far there have been a handful of greats on each but im bored of both my systems

    right now I just beat the last of us remastered twice since I got it and now im playing the stupid waiting game because i was an early adopter of both.

    Im basically using my x1/PS4 as netflix players more then im using them for anything else right now.

    gamertag on PS4 is BZNCAPONE if you want to hit me up
  • joe_4209
    That's a shame because mine is a 400$ netflix player.
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Stick with the PS3 for now and keep the PS4 ready to go for future releases without PS3 versions

    Currently game developers WILL make games for both PS3 and PS4 to sell more copies and cater to the people who did not jump at the chance to buy the new console
  • JoNuggets
    Strange based on the eloquent title I thought this was going to be a professional article from a qualified journalist, imagine my surprise when it turned out to be nothing but the mindless rantings of an irrational inarticulate fanboy.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    I love being irrational. The more irrational I am, the more attention it gets.

    It's almost painful how easy it is to do...gamers just never stop falling for it.
  • JoNuggets
    Well at least you're honest about it, most douche bags hide behind fake neutrality, you however wear your fanboyism on your sleeve for all to see. But by all means keep up the propaganda articles it seems to be helping sell more PS4's.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    No, see, you have to select which "fanboy" I am this week. I've managed to be accused of being a PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo fanboy in the span of five days in the past. That's my record. I want to see if I can throw PC into the mix and get it done in four days.

    So which is it today? Xbox? I'll make a note of it because really, I define my life by what the immature faceless gaming masses say on the Internet.
  • Veritas_4821
    $0N¥ = Lies, overhype and underdeliver. Don't feel bad, 9 million other paupersuckers fell for it as well.
  • doctor_1469
    Stop spreading fanboy FUD, lies, and hate and get help.
  • Boudi_3286
    Indeed. If it wasn't for FIFA 14 I wouldn't be playing my PS4 at all past few months.
  • Si_W
    And that's why PC gaming is better.

    So there.

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