Answer the call with these incredible Overwatch cosplays!

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Mei by AlinaSpoon

If you want dedicated cosplays, look no further than @AlinaSpoon's Mei cosplay. This costume includes everything about Mei's character including (but not limited to): a handmade fur coat, oversized stylized boots, backpack, and even an animated Snowball drone!

The drone was 3D printed using a custom CAD model, and is programed to make 4 different facial expressions using the four buttons on top of its head. Quite an amazing feat for a cosplay!

Alina won a cosplay contest using this costume at Dreamhack Austin, and it's certainly well deserved. For more of her cosplays you can find her on Facebook or Twitter.

Published May. 25th 2016
  • JessicaKloss
    Awesome article! Those cosplayers are amazing!
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    Right? It's amazing what some people can pull off with the right tools!

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