Final Fantasy XV Guide: How to Fish

Want to know how to fish in Final Fantasy XV? This guide has you covered!

There is so much to do in Final Fantasy XV -- and fishing is one of them. Every character has a skill that they can level up, separate from battling, and Noctis has the fishing skill.

You cannot just fish wherever you want, though, so I'm going to explain how to actually fish in Final Fantasy XV.

How to Fish

First you will need:

  • Line
  • Bait
  • Rod
  • Reel

Luckily, you start with a rod and reel, though you can upgrade them to catch better and harder fish. You find line and bait sometimes, but there are also shops that sell them.

Now that you have those things, you will obviously need water. However, you can't just fish anywhere there is water. You have to fish at specific fishing spots, which are marked on the map.

final fantasy xv fishing spots

  • Once you find a fishing spot, go to it and press the action button (X on PlayStation and A on Xbox) to start fishing.
  • You can bring up your "Tackle" while fishing to change your line, bait, rod, and reel.
  • Look at the minimap to find where the fish are swimming. 
    • You will see blue and yellow dots. Yellow dots are edible fish.
  • Now, move the cursor to where the fish are swimming.
    • Both the cursor on the minimap and screen will glow yellow when you are in a location where fish are swimming.
  • Once you get the right location, press the action button again to cast out.

While in the location, you will see red at the top if a fish spotted your lure.

  • When your lure is spotted, you need to start reeling in and moving direction to get the fish to bite.
    • Don't go too fast, or you will leave the area before the fish bite.
    • If they stop coming for your lure, or cast in the wrong location, just press O/B to recast at any time.

final fantasy xv fishing

If a fish bites, that's when you start the mini-game to reel it in.

  • The first thing you have to do is move the left stick in the location that is shown on screen
  • Start reeling it in with R2/RT until you bring it in.
  • You will see a bar at the top that shows how far you have to go.
  • You will occasionally have to move the left stick in a certain direction to stop the line from breaking.
  • If you see tension come up on the screen, stop reeling it in until it goes away.

Your line has a durability, so try to get the fish in before it reaches 0. If you don't, the line will break and you will lose the fish.

That's it for my guide on how to fish in Final Fantasy XV. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Jul. 11th 2017

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