Nintendo and DeNA making announcement plans for first ever Nintendo mobile game

Nintendo's plans with DeNA are moving along nicely and they are currently making plans for announcement.

A few months ago, Nintendo surprised everyone with an announcement of their partnership with DeNA.

DeNA is the owner of one of the most popular mobile gaming platforms out there in Japan, the Mobage platform. That’s right, the future that many fans have tried to deny is finally here; Nintendo is getting involved in mobile gaming.

On August 6th, a report of DeNA’s earnings was released and the only Nintendo-related statement they had was “currently making announcement plans” and that the “development of the first game app and membership service is progressing as planned”.

Now we wait for an announcement that will hopefully shed some light on the game by Nintendo. Right now, the game is predicted to release this year while Nintendo’s membership service, the one which will connect both smartphone devices and Nintendo systems, is being scheduled for a possible fall release.

At the moment, all we can do is wait but, so far, things are moving along as planned on both company’s sides.


Published Aug. 10th 2015

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