The top 25 baby names inspired by video game characters

25 names from the world of gaming guaranteed to be unique and bring attention to your child!

Let's face it, naming your child can be tough. When it came time to name my daughter, there were so many names to choose from; it was hard to make a definite choice for a long time. While my daughter's names may not have been drawn from the world of video games, there are plenty of excellent names to consider for my next child or yours.

This is our list of the best gamer baby names inspired by video games!

1. Epona

Yes, Epona is Link's horse from The Legend of Zelda series. Did you know the name also belongs to the Celtic goddess of horses? Sounds a little better now doesn't it?


2. Saria

The name of the Sage of the Forest from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Saria serves as a beautiful name. Certainly more interesting than anything your friends will come up with!


3. Majora

Majora may be the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but the being sure has an awesome name. Any kids who know anything would think twice before messing with someone named Majora!


4. Cortez

The protagonist of the fantastic Timesplitters series, Sergeant Cortez is a time-traveling, one-liner spitting badass. What better example for your child do you need?


5. Kratos

The focus of the ultraviolent God of War, the games following the murderous rampage of Kratos would not be something your child could play for some time. Maybe not the best name for a cute baby.


6. Dante

Sure Dante was an Italian poet who wrote one of the most influential and popular works of all time, but why cite that as your child's namesake? Why not name them after the demon hunting, cheesy one-liner loving, and completely ridiculous Dante from Devil May Cry? He's clearly the better choice of the two.


7. Liliana

Liliana is a Planeswalker from the venerable Magic the Gathering card game and the Duels of the Planeswalkers titles. While she is a necromancer and makes a deal with demons for power and wealth, she is extremely charismatic, quick-witted, and one of the coolest Planeswalkers! A great choice.


8. Chandra

Master of all things fire, the hot-headed (literally) Planeswalker is known for being impulsive with a short fuse for her fiery (I swear I'll stop) temper. Don't get on her bad side!


9. Jace

In case it wasn't obvious, I have a slight addiction to Magic the Gathering. Another entry from the beloved card game is Jace, the blue Planeswalker. Known for his intelligence, powers of telepathy, and reserved nature, Jace is usually about using trickery to your advantage and your opponent's ire. Bonus: also a character name from League of Legends.


10. Ryu

The face of Capcom's long-running Street Fighter series, Ryu has made an appearance in every main game and most spinoffs. His signature "hadouken" move has become as iconic as the character himself. What better to name your child after than a martial arts master?


11. Raiden

We have a double entry for this name! 

Raiden is the name of thunder god (based on the Japanese thunder god Raijin) and protector of Earth from the Mortal Kombat series. 

Raiden is also the name of an awesome ninja from the Metal Gear Solid series. Either way, you can't go wrong.


12. Samus 

The bounty hunter from Nintendo's long-running Metroid series, Samus has shown herself to be capable, strong, intelligent, and the bane of galactic villains everywhere. She's kinda awesome.


13. Layton

Layton is known for intellect and solving mysteries that would stump Sherlock Holmes. Plus, he rocks a top hat like it is nobody's business. A great role model for the kids!

14. Guybrush

The bumbling star of the Monkey Island series, Guybrush is known for his wit as much as he is his naivety. By the series' end though, Guybrush had transformed from a wanna-be swashbuckler to the real deal. 


15. Cecil

While Cecil remains a "normal" name, it is also the name of the protagonist from Final Fantasy IV. Cecil is known for undergoing a complete change from a Dark Knight questioning his King to a Paladin who sets out to defeat evil.


16. Aerith

Aerith from Final Fantasy VII was the cause of many tears to be shed upon meeting her untimely and unfortunately demise at the end of antagonist's Sephiroth's sword. Known for her kindness, independence, and a keen perception of others, Aerith wormed her way into many hearts before her early exit.  #Neverforget.


17. Tidus 

Known for his skills at Blitzball as much as his grating laughter, the main protagonist from Final Fantasy X is also no slouch at wielding a sword when necessary. 


18. Sora

Kingdom Hearts is a fan-favorite series of many due to its amalgamation of the Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Sora is the main star of the RPG series who wields the ridiculous Keyblade. Yep, a key is a sword. Don't ask.


19. Tyrion

The Imp from A Song of Fire and Ice book series, you may know it as Game of Thrones, has seen his entry into the digital realm with Telltale's recent game based on the HBO adaptation of the fantasy series. While not the most flattering of inspirations, Tyrion is a unique name.


20. Geralt

The main character of the terrific The Witcher series, Geralt serves as a titular witcher, humans mutated specifically to hunt monsters. Throughout the games however, Geralt does battle with more monsters of the human variety instead of the fantastical type. I guarantee your child will be better-looking than this scarred fighter. 


21. Ciri

Being the adopted daughter of the witcher Geralt is no easy task, yet Ciri has managed to thrive and grow strong, perhaps even surpassing her adoptive father. Throughout The Witcher 3, Ciri shows herself to be capable, caring, and more than willing to do anything to help those she cares about.


22. Thane

A dying assassin, perhaps the best in the galaxy, who is also extremely spiritual and intelligent, Thane proves to be one of the most interesting characters in the Mass Effect universe. No easy feat! 


23. Tali

Being a member of the Quarian race, Tali is unable to remove her mask without incurring some health detriments to herself. Despite never seeing her face (that one picture doesn't count), players enjoyed Tali's presence for her mechanical genius and her social awkwardness, especially with those she developed feelings towards. In combat though, the inner warrior emerges, and Tali proves as useful as she is unique.


24. Raven

A member of the superhero group Teen Titans, Raven is the definition of conflicted. The daughter of a powerful demon who can travel the galaxy that seeks to conquer everything, Raven seeks to distance herself from her parental legacy by fighting for good and against her father. Family issues arise.


25. Mario

Is this any surprise? Mario is arguably the most recognizable characters in games and popular culture as a whole. With his dashing moustache and dazzling fashion sense, more than one little tyke has been named for this plumber's exploits. 


Poor Luigi...


Have some favorite video game-inspired baby names of your own? Sound off in the comments!

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Published Jul. 28th 2015
  • Kayla Ethan
    Saria is the best one
  • Katie McKittrick
    Beth...short for Bethesda xD but also Zelda. That's super popular.
  • Joe Garcia
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    Not sure if this counts but when I got my dog (he was a month old) I named him Sora
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    Should I congratulate or condemn this action?

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