Comcept announces another successor; Mega Man Legends?

Mighty No. 9 creators announce another Mega Man successor.

Excited for Mighty No. 9? Me too! But the rehashing doesn't stop there as Kenji Inafune released a teaser for another upcoming game: Red Ash. The game will be developed by Comcept and Studio 4 C, an up-and-coming animation company.

We don't know much, but according to Inafune, all will be revealed on the 4th of July at the Anime Expo. Inafune and Eiko Tanaka will be having their own guest panel at 11:30 that morning.

The trailer doesn't give us too much to work with for now; however, rumor has it that this will be the spiritual successor to another beloved Inafune game: Mega Man Legends.

In fact if we look to just the title, we can see one of the biggest clues yet. You see in Japan Mega Man Legends was known as Rockman Dash. Red Ash. Re-Dash? Ok, it's a big stretch but I need my Mega Man Legends fix. Fans have already begged for a sequel to the popular game for years. For a while, we almost got one, but instead of following through Capcom decided to move on to the next game in the Mega Man franchise.

It's good to see that Inafune hasn't forgotten about good old Mega Man Legends. Though it does make me wonder what's next for Inafune. How long before we see a Mega Man X successor called Mighty Letter X? That would be pretty cool. I guess we'll have to wait until the 4th to see what all the commotion is about.


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Published Jul. 2nd 2015
  • David Fisher
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    I just died. Those character concepts literally look like Trigger, Roll, and Teisel Bonne! So excited!

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