Relive Classic JRPGs with Legrand Legacy

Legrand Legacy is a homage to classic Japanese RPGs seeking backing on Kickstarter.

Those looking to harken back to the days when JRPGs reigned supreme should take note of Kickstarter campaign for Legrand Legacy. A nod to the classics, Legrand Legacy features amazing art, a turn based combat system, 3D cinematics and original soundtrack. To kick up the strategy a notch, there are even tactical war scenes and the ability to recruit NPCs for your headquarters.

The story line is a tightly guarded secret. All that has been revealed so far is Legrand Legacy is set during a war torn time, in the land of Legrand where an otherworldly invasion by the demonic Fir Bolgs threatens to destroy all. Looking to bring the best of the best forward in a game that pays tribute to the past, updated graphics, cut scenes and battle mechanics help bring a fresh feel to Legrand Legacy while still retaining its classic feel.

Semisoft is a group of 27 individuals with vast knowledge of the genre. From the screenshots of the game to the character bios to the art style, the work presented by Semisoft screams RPG. Crafting, side quests, and fierce bosses all add to the feel of the game.

Looking to get a bit more information or a hands on impression? Check out Legrand Legacy's playable pre-alpha prologue. Their kickstarter campaign page is packed with information, sample artwork, and a rundown on the rewards. With only a few days left to become a backer, time is running out!


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Published Dec. 15th 2016

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