Skullgirls DLC Character and Japanese trailer

Japanese trailer out, as well as info on the new DLC character.

During their effort to make it into EVO, Mike Z announced that Skullgirls would be getting a DLC character named Squiggly. She's been known about and assumed to be the first DLC character for a while, but new information about her and her fighting style just recently got announced.

We gave the girl a skull, just in case you forgot which game this is.

Pictured above, Squiggly is described as "cute, but serious when need be." She has multiple stances she can use. I wonder if she plays anything like Gen from Street Fighter. I can't wait until she's released to see if I want to add her to my team.

In other Skullgirls news, the Japanese release has been given a trailer. You can view the trailer at Shoryuken. I'm pretty pumped up for the Japanese audience that will be able to experience the game, but I'm a little sad that it seems like there won't be any Japanese voices after all.

Image source: Union Fighter.

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Published Feb. 9th 2013
  • Ike_6267
    Thanks 4 the info! i love this game so much >__<

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