The 9 Best Guilds of Ravnica Cards for Modern in MtG

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Venerated Loxodon

Potentially you could cast Venerated Loxodon for one white mana, and put four +1/+1 counters on four creatures that helped you cast it. This means that Modern token-based decks may have found a new lord.

Green-White Tokens

Guilds of Ravnica brought some very good token-generating cards in these two colors, such as March of the Multitudes, Emmara, and Ledev Champion. Combine them with a few old staples, such as Voice of Resurgence and Tendershoot Dryad, and you will have some really powerful things happening on your side of the board.

Black-White Tokens

If you like to include some removal in your deck as well, then black-white variant may fit your playstyle better with such cards like Hanweir Militia Captain, Squadron Hawk and Lingering Souls.


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Published Sep. 27th 2018

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