Crytek Releases New Warface Special Operation -- "Anubis"

Crytek Releases New 'Warface' Special Operation - 'Anubis'. Anubis is the latest co-op Special Operation to launch for Warface.

Crytek company released their newest update for their popular Crysis series, Warface. Warface is Crytek's free-to-play, online first-person shooter. The update, Special Operation "Anubis", comes with a brand new set of achievements, bug fixes, improvements for matchmaking, better auto team balancing, and an extra detailed kill log. For a detailed overview of all of the new changes, be sure to check out the Warface Forums

Blow up a sub, neutralize a missile base and destroy a secret cyborg factory in the latest Special Operation to launch on Crytek’s free online shooter.

Anubis – named after the god of death – is a three-stage co-op mission set in Eastern Africa, where players must defeat enemies together. A futuristic threat is buried deep within an ancient pyramid in Anubis. Players must work together through a network of bases, culminating in an assault on a pyramid, in order to disrupt Blackwood’s villainous operations.

The action begins immediately, from the moment the team is inserted into the landing zone. Enemies await the players' arrival at the gate of the missile facility.

The new Special Operation’s three diverse stages require players to combine the strengths of the game’s four different classes in order to take on and eliminate a wide range of enemies.

Players must adapt their tactics for each stage, from clearing out buildings at close-quarters to holding a defensive line in the face of marauding cyborgs, if they are to complete this action-packed new mission.

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Published Jun. 7th 2016

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