Gunpoint: The Premium Spy Game

Being a freelance spy is easy...if you've got the right pant's for the job!

Only a few day's ago a fellow gameskinny intern posted an article for Gunpoint, a stealth puzzle game by Tom francis. As I started to read the article my jaw dropped as the writer explained how the game played and what he thought of it. Before I knew it I had fallen head over heels in love with Gunpoint.

After reading the article I quickly jumped onto google and downloaded the game's free demo (Download is at the bottom of the page). Right from the get go the game pulls you in with it's wonderful humor and art style, the game sets up the story quite well and does it with some amazing tongue in cheek while keeping a level of seriousness. Far too often games don't know how to add a bit of humor without in-some way ruining or damaging the story, however in this case Tom has managed to somehow pull it off and for that I take my hat off to him.

The game has you play as a freelance spy that is able to rewire electronics and jump much higher than you'd ever want too (because of his gadget powered pants). The rewiring electronics mechanic is really cool and can be used in so many helpful ways. For an example, I could rewire a light switch to open/close a door instead of turning the light on and off.  Isn't that really cool?

The game makes me feel like I'm a real spy doing spy stuff! I haven't felt that way since games like GoldenEye007 and Splinter Cell and I truly do love the feeling you get when you've pulled off a mission without anyone knowing you were ever there. Aside from this game having great stealth and puzzle mechanics it also has some sort of mod kit or map editor. I didn't get to see this in action, but the fact that it's going to be there on launch day excites me greatly.  I'm hoping it will bring forth some really cool maps and mods to the game.

Gunpoint is being released on June 3rd and will be available on steam. For more Gunpoint info go to the game's official website. I plan to follow this game quite closely over the next couple of days as it draws closer to it's release date. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to be updated on when I release my review for Gunpoint.


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Published Jun. 3rd 2013

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