Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Maze And Treasure Guide

Not sure how to decode the wall map? We show you how to complete the maze and grab the treasure!

If you've ever wanted to spend the afternoon as a kid pretending to be a superhero once again, now's the time to pick The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit!

One of your superhero tasks involves decoding the maze of doom treasure map on your bedroom wall. Haven't figured out the maze yet to find the treasure? We've got you covered with a a full guide below.

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Maze Of Doom Map Solution

First up, leave the house and head into the backyard, then climb up into the tree house.

While sitting and looking forward, turn to your left and look inside the secret stash box. Grab the secret decoder sitting to the left of the baseball cards inside the box.

 Getting the decoder in the secret stash

Leave the tree house and return to your room, where the map is found on the wall. Interact with the map to use the decoder and find the location of the treasure.

Move the decoder up and left towards the center, and then rotate it clockwise (the numbers and circles should line up) until he says "The treasure map is not secret anymore, it's mine!"

The image below shows the exact positioning to line up the map and get the solution.

 Lining up the treasure map

Pay attention to the numbers and arrows, because they tell you how to turn when you are inside the actual maze to reach the treasure.

With the map decoded, go back outside in the yard and enter the junk pile in the snow. Once inside, the interior will look quite different, and its oddly larger on the inside than the outside.

 Entering the junk pile maze

Crawl forward through the maze and turn when you hit a junction following the marks on the decoded map.

The correct path to take is left, right, left, and then left a final time to complete the Captain Spirit maze of doom and find the treasure!

 Left, right, left, left!

Pop out the other side of the terrifying junk maze to find a cache of hidden photos out in the snow. Need help with the other puzzles in the game? Check out the rest of our Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit guides here.

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Published Jun. 26th 2018

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