Twitch tips for noobie streamers: how to set up your stream like the pros

Getting started is hard. Let me help. is a place where gamers can stream their games and make money from it. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well, believe it or not; it’s very hard work. Take it from someone who used to do streaming. Getting started and keeping an audience is difficult. Here is some advice to help get you started and attract an audience.

Streaming Software and Music

To get started in streaming, you need a software that will stream your game to Twitch. The Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) was my choice of software. Although it was a little hard to figure out at first, it wasn’t hard on my system and didn’t kill my FPS. 

After you learn how to use OBS, you should look into Spotify for music. Your viewers want good music to listen to while you game. There are artists like Monster Cat, Vicetone, and Skrux that allow streamers to use their music while streaming. After getting your music don’t forget to set OBS to capture it so your viewers can hear it clearly.

Donations and Standards

Donations are the life bread of streamers when first starting out. So don’t forget to set up a PayPal account and make a donation button. There are tutorials on how to do that. Remember that you have to fill out your taxes if you make a certain amount of money. That is very important. 

Set up standards for the chat. Some streamers allow cursing, and others don’t. If you allow cursing, it is always polite to let people know so they can determine whether they want to watch you or not. Keeping it PG lets adults know their children are able to watch you. If you want an adult chat you can set up in your settings that only viewers 18+ can watch your stream. It also keeps you from getting your account banned.

Art and Theme

Art for your capture screen is optional, but can draw in people. If you do have art make sure it’s not overwhelming to the viewers while they watch your stream. Your art should be an enhancement of your personality and have a theme. There are many types of art for your broadcast player and broadcast page. If you can't make it yourself, sometimes you can find programs online to help assist you.

Types of Art


You need to have a microphone, whether it's your headset or a professional one. Your microphone allows you to chat to your viewers that will attract more viewers. No one wants to sit in silence. Newegg is a good place to find headsets of good quality and good price.


Finally but most important keep a schedule. Your viewers depend on you to entertain them. Some of them may end up planning their day around you. So make a schedule and stick to it. If something does change, update them on social media. 


Happy to be a gamer!

Published Nov. 2nd 2015

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