9 JRPGs to look forward to in 2016

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Persona 5

Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Release date: 2016 (Summer)

It's been how long since we've gotten a new mainline Persona game? Eight years? It's about time we finally got a new one, isn't it?

The Shin Megami Tensei spin-off series Persona exploded with the release of Persona 3 on the PlayStation 2 and only garnered more attention and fans with the fourth entry to the series. Both the third and fourth Persona games are considered some of the best JRPG gaming on the PlayStation 2, if not ever (by some).

Persona 5 has been added to a lot of wishlists over the years -- and it's almost time, with the game's rumored release date sitting in Summer this year. It's not far now, and with the game's overall style leaning more toward Catherine than the PS2 games and the return of Social Links, we're sure to be in for a treat on all counts.

Published Mar. 23rd 2016

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