9 JRPGs to look forward to in 2016

Nights of Azure

Platform: PlayStation 4
Release date: March 29

Nights of Azure isn't your typical Gust-developed fare. Combat is action-oriented and smooth, the world isn't bright and cheerful, and it's not 50% "cute girls doing cute things" -- but it's Gust. It's not going to be triple-A quality.

Regardless, Nights of Azure should be on the shopping list of most action JRPG fans, with the game primarily focused on the button-mashing action. It's a Gust game, so expect lots of same-sex implications between the two female characters.

There really isn't much else to say here, but this is definitely a candidate to fill the action JRPG void in the first half of 2016.

Published Mar. 23rd 2016

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