The 11 Best Indie Games of 2016

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1. Darkest Dungeon

So, here is the number one indie game of 2016.  And why is it number one? Well, this simply shows how hyped we were about the game! 

Like most fiendish things, the game appears much simpler and benign than it is. The grim, but expressive hand-drawn art style adds to the innocent style. Characters trudge from left to right as the backgrounds scroll. This makes it seem like there isn’t much to the game. But, once players have visited therandomizedd dungeons, seen other characters die -- or go insane -- the game is revealed as an intimidatingly deep, tense and opaque turn-based tactical game. And it’s got so much character too!

The game robs players of certainty and predictability, as they will never know if the healer will heal, for example. Success and failure is intensified by outstanding narration, with grim warning and exclamations in response to critical events, and the back stories given at boss levels are fantastically told.

Enemies are rich and diverse, from fish men to eldritch horrors -- but if players want to bail out, they can do. Knowing when to give up is key to the game’s success. if you utilize the character’s skills and make the very best out of them, the team is formidable. Even with all these intricacies, the game is robust and plays very well. 

Darkest Dungeon is a grim and merciless tactical strategy game, with many layers of complexity, unpredictable randomisation and willingness to put venturing fragile characters in peril.  There is brilliant narration and expressive animation which makes it easy to be immersed into a tantalising world, with the end feeling slightly out of reach. But that is a good thing! The game is available for PS4, PS Vita and Steam and was released in April.

Published Dec. 2nd 2016

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