The best cosplays of SMITE World Championships 2016

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SMITE World Championships 2016

Hi-Rez Studios made a point of not inviting pro cosplayers to this year's cosplay contest so that they could give away more in prize money. Pro or not, though, there was some seriously amazing craftsmanship on display.

On this page, we'll have Bronze Tier and Silver Tier contest winners. Best in category winners and Best in Show winners will appear on the following slides.

Bronze Tier Winners - $300 each

From left to right:

Jeffrey Kelley as The King Bacchus

Vanessa Pagaduin as Isis

Shelby Davis as Lunar Tango Chang'e

Rachel Augustine as Bucchanieth

Katie Eberhard as Mischievous Neith

Ashley Fuller as Ms. Diagnosis Neith

Silver Tier Winners

From left to right:

Amanda Skies as Kawaii Pop Bastet - $800

Samantha Moody as Furiona - $500

Nyxx as Diva Aphrodite - $800

Carver Fisher as Nerd Rage Cabrakan - $1000

Zane Gholson as Archon Thanatos - $1500

Bonus picture of Archon Thanatos

Too bad @uglycatlady wasn't able to compete, because Hi-Rez's David would've stolen the show.

Photo credit: Hi-Rez Studios (top image only)



Published Jan. 11th 2016

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