The 11 Best Free Pathfinder and D&D Adventure Modules

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While Pathfinder may have usurped the crown of tabletop roleplaying in the 3.5 era, Dungeons & Dragons made a strong comeback with the well-received 5th Edition as Paizo and Wizards Of The Coast continue to vie for the RPG throne.

No matter what system or edition you play, there's always a need for more adventure modules, whether to run as one-offs or just to mine for ideas in your own larger campaigns.

If you don't feel like throwing down a bunch of money on printed adventures that your group may not care about, there's a treasure trove of free D&D adventures out there ... if you know where to look!

We've sifted through hundreds of them to come up with the 11 best completely free Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dungeons modules available as PDF downloads.

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Published Apr. 18th 2018

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