Steppy Pants - Tips, Tricks, and Maybe A Few Cheats

Steppy Pants is one of those odd walking simulators that capture everyone's attention. Here are a few tricks to get you started.

Steppy Pants is one of those uniquely goofy games released on mobile devices under the same vein as Crossy Road or QWOP. The "walking simulator" is just as tricky as those aforementioned games, which tend to cause bouts of rage in most players after a very short period of time.

Developer Super Entertainment has ensured their latest release is both infuriating and oddly satisfying, all mixed into one bag.

Here are a few tips, tricks, and even a couple of cheats to get you started on your walking adventure.

The Very Basics

  • Be sure to nail your timing down. Tapping and holding the screen will begin to move your first foot, while letting go will bring it down for a single step. Practice, practice, practice to ensure you gain your rhythm and find good vibrations to continue moving forward with ease.
  • Take your time to actually learn how your character moves forward. You won't ever reach the end of the road, so just practice and consider each step forward to be nothing more than a learning exercise.
  • Every now and then you will land upon a checkpoint in your journey. These are permanent starting points upon arrival. These points should give you an opportunity to learn the area that is giving you so much trouble without restarting too far back.
  • Hotstepper - The more consecutive steps you can land, the more combo points you will build up. Of course, the higher your combo, the faster you will need to move in order to keep it in place. Be wary!

Avoid Weaknesses!

Being such a difficult game, there are a few challenges to best while playing Steppy Pants. Some of those challenges include cracks, gaps, and explosives.


  • You should be avoiding all cracks and gaps in the sidewalk, as stepping on a single one of these will kill you and end the game immediately.
  • TNT! - Do. Not. Step. On. TNT. That is such a simple statement that will go a long way. No, it isn't going to launch you forward. Instead, the explosive tile will just blow you to smithereens.
  • Watch for vehicles while entering a crosswalk. Be sure to look both ways before heading across the street! We're kidding, you can't actually look in both directions. You can time your crossing, though.

The Glorious Customization!

Like most games of this type, customization is present, albeit in only a minor way. Saving up some coins can help you unlock new clothing options.

  • 100 Coins - Saving up just 100 coins can unlock new outfits, including heads, shirts, and pants for your character. You can concoct some truly bizarre combinations.
  • Coins are earned by simply grabbing them off the street while walking, watching a video when the game prompts you to, or in the form of a free gift every couple of hours. Take advantage of these opportunities!
  • Female - You can switch your character's gender from male to female, or vice versa, at any time you'd like. The default setting is a male, but tapping the yellow gender icon will switch to a woman. All unlocked outfit pieces will automatically be transferred, too!

Overall, Steppy Pants is an interesting little game with just a hint of strategy involved in achieving the high score. As we mentioned above, there is no end-game, so don't worry about trying to beat the mobile title.

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Published Jun. 15th 2016

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