[Spoilers] Games To Make a Grown Man Cry

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I never cried at a video game before the year 2013; something about these releases, and those I was just late playing, got to me.

The few games here had such touching moments, and incredibly real characters, that I couldn't help but feel attached during my experience. I shed tears at certain moments in these games, something I don’t do... ever. Not at a funeral, or an accident. No tears, ever. Have me take care of Clementine and you will see what a big baby I can be. Be warned of the dreaded spoilers within.

Published Dec. 18th 2013
  • Germaximus
    Whoa Red Dead Redemption makes you cry? Never would have expected that. haha I still haven't completed it but it is a pretty incredible experience.

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons made me cry.
  • Brandon Morgan
    Featured Contributor
    I'll be sure to check out Brothers, it did look really good. And yeah I was actually surprised by Red Dead Redemption as well. Marston was done really well I think.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    Ha... that Red Dead ending... :D anyway yeah Brothers is very short, but very emotional. Very similar story telling to Ico and Shadow of the Collosuss where they use no dialogue.
  • I Am Spartacus
    A lot of good choices, but I believe there are a few others you could have added. Bioshock infinite, for instance, has gotten a lot of acclaim as an amazing, story driven adventure, and the ending certainly got me fairly close to crying. But I think the main omission of this list is Shadows of the Colossus, which is by far the most emotional, near perfect game I've ever had the privilege of playing. If you haven't yet, I would definitely suggest it.
  • Brandon Morgan
    Featured Contributor
    I tried to only include games I had first hand experience playing that were emotionally driven. Unfortunately I have not got around to playing Shadow of the Colosuss, it is on my backlog, however.

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