How to Throw a Low Pass in Madden 22

Wondering how to throw a low pass in Madden 22? This quick guide tells you everything you need to know.

Just as in real NFL football, there are different types of passes for different situations in Madden 22. The low pass is one of many in a quarterback's arsenal, and while it may not be used as much as the traditional bullet, lob, or touch pass, it's just as useful when used at the right time and against the right defense. 

But how do you throw a low pass in Madden 22? Simply hold LT/L2 and press the button of the receiver you want to throw to. Your quarterback will throw the ball to one of your receivers at a downward angle.

It's important to know that you can throw bullet, lob, and touch low passes, just as you can throw regular and high bullet, lob, and touch passes. 

  • Low bullet pass: Hold LT/L2 and hold the receiver button
  • Low touch pass: Hold LT/L2 and press the receiver button
  • Low lob pass: Hold LT/L2 and tap the receiver button

You'll know if you properly threw a low pass or not because text will show up at the bottom of the screen telling you the type of pass you threw. 

The low pass in Madden 22 is great for keeping the ball out of the hands of secondary defenders; the ball is typically knee-level or below, giving only your receiver the best chance of catching it. It's not that a low pass doesn't have a chance of getting intercepted, but it's more that the chance is very low. 

Low passes can get knocked down at the line of scrimmage by a swatting lineman, or even go straight into an O-lineman's helmet if thrown at the wrong time. 

You can throw low passes anywhere on the field, though they're best thrown in congested areas and against man coverage, where DBs are most likely to be all over your receivers. Quick outs and curls are good options for low passes, especially in short-yardage situations. 

While the low pass often means your receiver will go to the ground to catch the ball, it doesn't mean you can't gain good YAC by using it. The animation for catching a low pass sometimes sees a receiver roll on the ground, and since the NFL is a down-by-contact league, defensive players can (every once in a while) miss your receiver on the ground. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. 

Most of the time, though, you'll use the low pass in Madden 22 to gain first downs and tough TDs, though not much more. You won't be throwing too many low pass bombs, that's for sure. 

But there you have it: how to throw a low pass in Madden 22. For more, consider checking out our other Madden 22 guides

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Published Aug. 23rd 2021

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