Gotta Drink 'Em All! Cocktails Based On The Starters From Pokemon Red/Blue

#004: Charmander

In order to make the Charmander, we're going to need to teach you a trick that will allow you to impart some fiery flavors into any drink. 

Flaming a citrus peel is very easy. All you have to do is cut off a thick piece of rind from a fresh orange or lemon, hold a match close to the skin to bring the oils close to the skin's surface, then squeeze the rind into the match. This will cause the oils to be expelled from the rind's pores, after which they will fly into the match and ignite. When the lit oil drops into the drink, it will give the drink a nice smoky quality.

Anyway. This drink is pretty simple, all told. All you'll need to do is pour a jigger of rum into a glass, cover with ginger beer (NOT ginger ale!), then flame an orange peel over the drink to represent Charmander's tail. Be sure to squeeze the peel before dropping it into the drink to make sure you get every bit of flavor out of it. 


Pour 1.5oz rum into a chilled glass and cover with ginger beer. Flame an orange peel and squeeze it into the glass.

Published May. 19th 2016

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