5 DLC Sins that Hurt the Video Game Industry

This Wasn't A Problem Earlier

But is Now the Most Pressing Thing in the WORLD

Sometimes DLC just doesn't make much sense. It's not really robbing you of your hard earned cash so much as it is robbing itself of a believable game world.

Prior to purchasing DLC, there was literally NO mention of an AI program that could potentially threaten intelligent life as we know it. But now that I've forked over the money, it is quite the pressing matter.

When this sin occurs, you are often left scratching your head. Either this had been a problem all along and you didn't tell me until I paid you money -- or the act of me paying you money literally caused this problem to happen. Either way, I am failing to see the correlation between my real world decisions and the in-game repercussions. 

Really, it's all very strange, if you ask me. 

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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