Supersnoro the twigstylist


Hello, my name is Supersnoro and I like to think of myself as one of the most desired twigstylist in The Grove. However, today I have found a challenge that might prove impossible, even for someone of my talent...


As such, I've begun wandering around the world of Tyria in search for a tree that would be fit perfectly for this poor brethren.


Having no luck in Maguuma, I've started heading towards Orr, as it is known to hold some fine quality. On the way there, while going through the area known as Sparkfly Fen, I've had to face quite a ferocious beast: Tequatl the Sunless, an humongous dragon.

A couple of weeks later, upon reaching Malchor's Leap, my own twigs had become quite long... And after a short internal debate, I decided to keep that twigstyle as a memento of my long journey on helping an unlucky soul.

Sadly, after visiting  the deepest corners of Malchor's Leap, I realized that this place did not hold what I was looking for.

As such, I've headed back to Lion's Arch, and decided to head north, through the Norn lands. While this area may be hostile to my kind, it is also here that the toughest trees may be born. While heading towards Frostgorge Sound, I've had to face many tough enemies, while going through blizzards caused by elemental sources.

However! I've finally found what I have been looking in these hostile lands - an Ancient Tree which has grown against all odds in one of the coldest areas in Tyria!


This tree's logs allowed me to craft sturdy, good-looking twigs which helped our friend find peace of mind and allowed her to live her life!



  • Oaken Helm    -     Winter sky + pastel winter + celestial
  • Flame legion pauldrons     -     Midnight sky + blue shade + celestial
  • Whispers Breastplate     -     Midnight sky + blue shade + celestial
  • Radiant Vambraces
  • Flame Legion Legguards      -     Celestial + midnight sky + blue shade
  • Heavy Aurora Boots   -    Midnight sky + celestial + blue shade

PS: The boots are any 42k karma boots.

Also, I would like to thank Iyva for posing as my "client" :)


Published Aug. 13th 2013
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Congratulations! Supersnoro has been nominated as a finalist in the Most Imposing category.

    Check it out here:

    Good luck!
  • The Squid_3060
    I am absolutely in love with this page.

    Not only is it hilarious but the shots are phenomenal and the armour is amazing! I'm loving these Sylvari cohesive colour themes! I don't see many ice blue Sylvari around, some say it might be too bold but you say nay to that! I love it!

    Bravo, chum!
  • Leukothea
    That armor looks awesome on your sylvari! Great job!

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