10 Best Xbox One Games For Kids (2018 Edition)

Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure

Rating: Everyone 10+
Price: $29.99
Where to Buy: Amazon

A wealth of familiar characters means there’s a lot to enjoy here for kids who love Pixar. Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure features characters and worlds from six well-known Pixar franchises ranging from Cars to Toy Story and Finding Nemo

Kids can interact with their favorite characters and solve puzzles and challenges in each of the movies' worlds; they can also explore the worlds on their own, finding secrets and experiencing what it's like to be in a Pixar movie.

The game supports local co-op, meaning two players can play on one console at the same time, making this a great choice for kids with siblings, but only one Xbox One. 

Published Oct. 5th 2018

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